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Graduate Students

PhD Students
MPhil Students


PhD Students

Bales, Adam Thomas 
Trinity College

Decision, Disagreement, Deadlock: An Evaluation of Causal Decision Theory

Boeddeling, Annika
Darwin College

The (Ir)relevance of Normative Metaphysics

Boyle, Ali
Self-awareness and social cognition in non-human animals
Brigham, Daniel
Trinity College
djb223 at

Propositional attitudes and Russell’s multiple-relation theory of judgement

Campbell, Lucy
Homerton College
Metaphysics and epistemology of mental states
Cash, Luke Keanu 
St John's College

Intention in Non-Linguistic Animals, Wittgenstein

Della Grotta, Federica 
King's College

A new compatibilist defence of freewill against the challenge of neuroscience

Dixon, Daisy 

The nature of artistic meaning

Doherty, Fiona
Trinity Hall
ftd21 at
Frege on Definitions and Axioms

Dougherty, Matthew 
Trinity College

Rules, reasons, and imagination

Duxbury, Stephen James 
Emmanuel College

Establishing a New Methodological
Approach of Conceptual Relativity for Wider Metaphysics

Greenberg, Alexander
Trinity Hall
The aim of belief
Heinzelmann, Nora
Clare Hall
Weakness of the will

Hughes, Samuel 
Selwyn College

Ethics, Kant, Moral Psychology, Aesthetics

Hutton, James Stanley
Pembroke College

Philosophy of Education, Practical Ethics, History of Philosophy

Kaplan, Jessica 
King's College

Political Philosophy: How should a feminist perspective on autonomy inform liberal egalitarianism?

Lepoutre, Maxime 
Trinity College

Political Philsophy; Structure & Scope: A Structural Answer to Democracy's Boundary Problem

Meyer, Marco
Gonville and Caius College
The Right to Credit
Mitchell, Kyle
Trinity College
Pragmatism and Metaontology
Moran, Alexander Paul
Queen's College

The nature of perception, especially naive realism; contemporary metaphysics

North, Amber
King's College
The ethical image: Moral explanation and the problem of facts
Nyseth, Fredrik
Wolfson College
Linguistic accounts of modality
Raekstad, Paul
Darwin College
Democracy, socialism & human development

Robertson, Katherine                   Pembroke College

The Philosophy and Foundations of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Robertson, Rachel Siow
Trinity Hall

Hume, Kantian Embodiment

Rossi, Carlo
Darwin College
Persistence, temporary intrinsics & spacetime relativity
Simpson, Matthew
Robinson College
Non-representationalism and metaphysics
Siriwardena, Shyane
Newnham College
ss2032 at
Manipulationist theories of causation
Skiba, Lukas
St. John's College
Frege on functions
Smith, Magdalena
Magdalene College
What moral responsibilities can equity investors be said to have? Applied ethics

Statham, Georgina
Trinity College
gms47 at

Perspectival Realism about Causation: Details & Implications

Tan, Li Li
St. Catherine's College

Argument from Hallucination

Van 't Klooster, Jens 
Gonville and Caius College

Monetary authority

Weir, Ralph
Jesus College

Philosophy of mind,

Whiteley, Ella
Gonville and Caius College

Sex/gender as process: uniting feminism and biology

Williams, Daniel
Trinity Hall College

Naturalism and Neopragmatism

Wrigley, Wesley
Sidney Sussex College

Metaphysics and its Discontents

MPhil Students

Apel, Fabian
Jesus College

Kant, Philosophy of Language, Ethics

de Canson, Chloé
Fitzwilliam College 

Philosophy of Science

Gottlieb, Joshua
St Edmund's College


Kristof, Gregory
Emmanuel College

Philosophy of Language, Addiction, Choice

Lalak, Adam
Churchill College

Philosophy of Mind, Psychology, Science

Levy, Raphael
Queens' College

Ancient Philosophy, Locke, Kant, legal philosophy/jurisprudence

Lhedmat, Adam 

Philosophy of Language

Louette, Antoine
Hughes Hall College 

Ethics, Socio-Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology

McGlynn, Conor
St. Edmund's College

Philosophy of Public Affairs

Nicoara, Laura
Christ's College

Logic, Aesthetics, Ancient Philosophy

O'Connell, Joseph
Darwin College

Political philosophy and

Ratnayake, Sahanika
Emmanuel College

Philosophy of Science, Analytic Metaphysics

Rossi, Alessandro
Homerton College

Logic & Metaphysics

Westmuckett-Martin, Michael
Gonville & Caius College

Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, persons