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Part II Course Outlines & Reading Lists

Philosophy Library Shelves


**Update -The Philosophy Library Team are busy checking reading lists and making additional electronic resources available where we are able to during the Covid-19 outbreak.  Links are being added to the interactive reading lists in Moodle and further details will be published here as soon as possible.  In the meantime, if you have any difficulties accessing what you need please email  and we'll do our very best to help**


The lists below are intended for reference and printing purposes only.  Please use the interactive reading lists available via Moodle to access ebooks, ejournals and scans of copyright material.  Access to Moodle is  restricted to students taking Philosophy papers and is administered by Library staff.

Please note that 2019-2020 reading lists may be subject to some minor changes until the start of Michaelmas Term 2019.  We are busy adding further scans to Moodle so you may find some will not be available until closer to the start of term.

Paper 1 - Metaphysics 2019-2020 [Last updated 2 October 2019]
Paper 2 - Philosophy of Mind 2019-2020 [Last updated 2 October 2019]
Paper 3 - Ethics 2019-2020 [Last updated 2 October]
Paper 4 - European Philosophy from Kant 2019-2020 [Last updated 10 October 2019]
Paper 5 - Philosophy in the Long Middle Ages 2019-2020 [Last updated 7 October 2019]
Paper 6 - Philosophy of Science 2019-2020 [Last updated 2 October 2019]
Paper 7 - Mathematical Logic 2019-2020 [Last updated 23 September 2019]
Paper 8 - Philosophical Logic 2019-2020 [Last updated 2 October 2019]
Paper 9 - Wittgenstein 2019-2020 [Last updated 2 October 2019]
Paper 10 - Political Philosophy 2019-2020 [Last updated 2 October 2019]
Paper 11 - Aesthetics 2019-2020 [Last updated 3 October 2019]
Paper 14 - Plato
Paper 15 - Aristotle's world from turtles to tragedies
Paper 16 - Philosophy, Politics and the Polis