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Faculty of Philosophy


The Faculty is looking forward to returning to teaching in-person this year

However the pandemic continues to have an impact on how we do this, and we will need to remain flexible in our arrangements.

We’ve been working hard to make sure that everyone stays as safe as possible, and that your education remains as high quality as ever.

In line with guidance issued by the University, the Faculty's default position is that university teaching – lectures, seminars, discussion groups and logic classes – will happen in person this year. This will be reviewed throughout the year, and it is possible that it will need to change, in light of guidance from the University, or Public Health England.

There will be exceptions to this: some instructors cannot teach in person because they are at higher risk of infection. Others may be affected by on-going travel restrictions associated with the pandemic, particularly at the start of the academic year or may have to isolate at short notice. In addition, some instructors will choose to retain elements of on-line teaching in their courses for pedagogical reasons. We know that some students found these features helpful last year, when used in the right way. For all these reasons, some lectures may take place either entirely on-line, or lecturers may choose to couple an on-line element, such as a short introductory video, with an in-person discussion.

The key thing is to check the Lecture List to see if courses are listed as having an in-person location, or as happening on-line, and to look on Moodle for further information about what form that on-line element will take.

Who can attend in-person lectures?

Undergraduates officially registered as taking/borrowing the Paper (i.e. those due to be examined in that Paper, including students in other Faculties and Departments who are formally borrowing the paper), and all postgraduate students in the Faculty will be allowed to attend in-person lectures, subject to safety precautions. See “auditing courses” if you are not in these categories.

Auditing courses

Members of the University who merely wish to audit or sit-in on lectures (such as members of other Faculties and Departments who are not formally borrowing the paper) will be able to request access to the Moodle page for that course, and access course materials and lecture recordings in that way.

You are asked to email the lecturer and copy in so that you can be added to the cohort, granting access to the Moodle page. Please note that there are some materials on Moodle that are not accessible to auditors (e.g. scans of book chapters) due to copyright restriction.

You may in addition be able to attend lectures in-person. However, due to the need this term to be particularly vigilant not to exceed the capacity of a teaching room to minimise the spread of COVID-19, we ask that you hold off from attending in-person teaching for courses you are not actually taking, until the instructor has had the chance to see that there is physical space for you to do so, and you have received permission from them.