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Faculty of Philosophy


The Faculty's teaching arrangements have had to be adapted significantly this year, due to the COVID pandemic, and the necessary safety precautions.

The Faculty's default position is that, in the first instance, access to the Faculty's teaching sessions will be restricted to those students entitled to access the Moodle page tied to the paper with which this series is associated. These students include those undergraduates officially registered as taking/borrowing the Paper (i.e. those due to be examined in that Paper, including students in other Faculties and Departments who are formally borrowing the paper), and all postgraduate students in the Faculty. It does not include those persons who merely wish to audit or sit-in on lectures (such as members of other Faculties and Departments who are not formally borrowing the paper).  

In special cases auditing is permitted by the session leader. If you are interested in auditing, please (i) consult the lecture list here and see whether the class you are interested is potentially open to auditors. The final column of the lecture list document specifies whether the class is open to auditors with special permission. If it is then (ii) email the session leader and request permission. (iii) If the session leader grants permission, they will email the meeting link and course materials directly. Auditors are not given access to the Moodle pages, for reasons relating to permissions and copyright agreements.