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Undergraduate Lecture Questionnaires - Lent Term 2021

The Philosophy Faculty uses paper questionnaires for evaluating lectures. Hard copies of these questionnaires will be handed out for each lecture series, in the last lecture of term. If, for any reason you miss out on completing one of these questionnaires, please download and complete a lecture questionnaire, making sure to note which lecture you refer to. Completed questionnaires should then be returned to the Faculty Office, or placed in the box by the photocopier outside the office.

Logic Classes and Discussion Groups are also assessed by paper questionnaires, handed out in the last class of the term. If for any reason you miss your last class, please download and complete the relevant questionnaire, making sure to note the name of your class leader.


This year the Philosophy Faculty is using online feedback questionnaires for evaluating lectures. Where possible lecturers will be asked to remind students in their last lecture to fill in a feedback questionnaire for each lecture course.

Students are also encouraged to complete online feedback questionnaires for Discussion Groups and Logic Classes after the last group/class of term.

The deadline for Lent Term feedback questionnaires is midnight on Monday 22nd March 2021.

All teaching feedback questionnaires can be found on the following Moodle sites:

MPhil or PhD students who have attended Undergraduate lectures during Lent Term, and wish to provide feedback, are asked to contact the for information on how to do this.