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Undergraduate Teaching Easter Term 2020

Undergraduate Teaching in Easter Term 2020


(1) How Faculty teaching will be conducted

All teaching will be conducted remotely in Easter Term 2020. The undergraduate teaching being provided by the Faculty of Philosophy, and outlined on this page, will include lectures, discussion groups, logic classes, ad hoc seminars, and reading groups. (Other modes of undergraduate teaching, like College supervisions, will be organised by colleges through Directors of Studies.)

The remote teaching offered by the Faculty will draw on a range of online teaching platforms. Most sessions will be live online seminars (or “webinars”). These will take place on the dates listed in the documents below: see section (2), "Timetables". Students will join these online seminars by clicking on the relevant link; these links will be emailed in advance to all relevant students.

In some cases, students are asked to write to the seminar leader in advance of the session, to express an interest in participating. The sessions for which this applies are indicated in the timetable documents (see section (2), below).

Some other sessions will involve recorded lectures. These will be made available on Moodle, via the links listed in the timetable documents (again, see section (2)). Other teaching materials, such as handouts, readings and PowerPoint presentations, will also be made available on Moodle. 

(2) Timetables

The documents below provide a summary of the remote teaching to be provided by the Faculty in Easter Term 2020. There are two documents: one organised by date, the other organised by Part (i.e. Part IA, Part IB, Part II). Both documents will be regularly updated. Students should continue to check this page regularly for updates

Easter Term Teaching by Date
(updated 4 May 2020)

Easter Term Teaching by Part (updated 4 May 2020)

(3) Note on permission to record online teaching

Whilst some Faculty teaching (e.g. lectures) will be recorded and made available to students, this will not apply to all teaching. Other Faculty teaching (including online seminars, webinars, reading groups, and so on) are designed to be live events, unfolding in real time, where discussion can be open, relaxed, engaged, and interactive. Please note that, given their purpose, there is no default expectation that students will be permitted to record these sessions, or that recordings will be made available to students. This applies both to recording via the online teaching platform itself, and also to recording through some other means (e.g. through a smart phone or other device). 

The University has advised that, while students may request permission for a recording of seminars and supervisions, there can be no assumption that such permission will be granted. Any requests must be made to the academic session leader in advance, and will not be granted unless all participants (including the session leader) agree. It is ultimately for the supervisor or seminar leader to determine whether it is appropriate for a teaching session to be recorded. Strict conditions then apply, even if permission is granted: permission to record is governed by an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) which outlines the usage permitted, ownership and retention of recorded material. This is formal University policy, subject to disciplinary and other penalties. See letter from Graham Virgo 21st April for the specific conditions