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Faculty of Philosophy


PhD Students
MPhil Students
Visiting Postgraduate Students


PhD Students

Ben Hassine, Nadia
Jesus College 
Political Philosophy, Wittgenstein, Metaphilosophy

Benzenberg, Christopher
St Edmund's College

 Kant, Metaethics, Moral Epistemology

Bhuvanendra, Senthuran
Hughes Hall

Kant on judgement, feeling and the use of knowledge; metaethics, philosophy of the social and life sciences

Chapman, Louise
Pembroke College

Examples of the law in Kant

Cohen, Wouter
Gonville & Caius

Existence: Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein

Curran, Emma
Trinity Hall

Normative ethics, practical ethics, metaphysics

El Shazly, Adham
Clare Hall

Epistemology, philosophy of mind, virtue ethics, Medieval and Early Modern philosophy. 
Fisher, Alex
Robinson College

Philosophy of fiction and games 

Griep, Ronja
Emmanuel College

Political Philosophy in the Private Realm 

Hawkins, Nathan
Gonville and Caius College

Frege’s views on Truth

Horne, Alexander
Trinity College

Normativity, ethics, law.

Hubacher, Pablo
Pembroke College
Philosophy of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Self-Knowledge, Theory of Action, Wittgenstein

Hutterer, Alexander
Corpus Christi College

Kant, Fichte, Epistemology

Jäntgen,  Ina
Trinity College
General philosophy of science, philosophy of social science, philosophy of economics, epistemology, formal epistemology, decision theory

Keller, Paula
Newnham College

History of philosophy, epistemology, feminism 

Lindblom,  Sandra
Newnham College
Mary Shepherd, epistemic humility, virtues, philosophy of love

Melendez-Gutierrez, Sofía
Queens' College

Fictionalism and fiction; metaphysics, philosophical logic

Noël, Roxane
Wolfson College

Medieval philosophy, philosophy of language, feminist philosophy

Rodriguez, Facundo
Queens' College
Metaethics, moral psychology, and history of philosophy

Wagner, Johannes
Churchill College

Neoplatonic Ideas in Spinoza: Metaphysics of Emotion and Virtue in 17th Century Philosophy

Walker, Zoe
Pembroke College

Jokes: issues in philosophy of language, ethics, and political philosophy

Wisse, Robin
Wolfson College


Woodcock, Aiden
Wolfson College

 Formal Epistemology and Philosophy of Language

MPhil Students

Bird, Emma
Trinity Hall

 Philosophy of mathematics: structuralism and logicism and second order logic

Chiswick, Jay
Downing College 


Cudek, Franciszek
Trinity College

Mathematical and philosophical logic, and philosophy of physics. 

Folley, Joe
Fitzwilliam College


Heagren, Hugo
Gonville& Caius College


Heller, Paul
Churchill College


Herbert, Emily
Gonville & Caius College

Ethics and moral psychology

Hirschfield, Sarah
Trinity College

Feminist philosophy, philosophy of law, and metaethics.

Hopcroft, Ella
Gonville & Caius College


Kutzin, Damon
St John's College


Lazarus, Gail
Darwin College


Malone, Georgie
Christ's College

Feminist philosophy, political philosophy and moral responsibility

Murdoch, Ellie
King's College


Petrucci, Aurelio
Jesus College

Hegel and recognition, virtue ethics, philosophy of love and philosophy of simulation

Prabhakar, Arun
Trinity College

Metaethics, Medieval Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Time

Zhao, Helen
Clare College


Zhu, Bojin
Magdalene College

Cambridge pragmatism (Ramsey & Later Wittgenstein), pragmatism in philosophy of science/mind, and political philosophy

Visiting Postgraduate Students

Nath, Oushinar

Visiting for Lent Term 2022.                                            

Epistemology, philosophy of language, and moral psychology

Diana Neiva

Visiting for Easter Term


Cinematic thought experiments and their philosophical nature