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Graduate Students

PhD Students
MPhil Students
Visiting Graduate Students


PhD Students

Christopher Benzenberg
St Edmund's

 Kant, Metaethics, Moral Epistemology

Bhuvanendra, Senthuran
Hughes Hall

Kant on judgement, feeling and the use of knowledge; metaethics, philosophy of the social and life sciences

Bosse, Annie


Chadha, Karamvir
Trinity College

Informed Consent in Morality and Law

Chapman, Louise
Pembroke College

Examples of the law in Kant

Cohen, Wouter
Gonville & Caius

Ontological pluralism

Emma Curran
Trinity Hall

Normative ethics, applied ethics, metaphysics

Domenicucci, Jacopo
Trinity College
Risk and Practical Rationality
Hawkins, Nathan
Gonville and Caius College

Monism: its logic and its metaphysics

Horne, Alexander
Trinity College

Normativity, ethics, law.

Hughes, Samuel 
Selwyn College

Ethics, Kant, Moral Psychology, Aesthetics

Johnson, Matthew
Clare College

Moral psychology, embodied cognition, virtue theory

Kaplan, Jessica 
King's College

Political Philosophy: How should a feminist perspective on autonomy inform liberal egalitarianism?

Marschall, Benjamin
Darwin College

Carnap on Ontology

McDonald, Lucy
Trinity Hall College

Philosophy of language, ethics, feminist philosophy, political philosophy

Sofía Melendez-Gutierrez
Queens' College

Fictionalism and fiction; metaphysics, philosophical logic

Noël, Roxane
Wolfson College

Medieval philosophy, philosophy of language, feminist philosophy

Ratnayake, Sahanika  
Newnham College

History and Philosophy of Contemporary Psychotherapy

Walker, Zoe
Pembroke College

Jokes: issues in philosophy of language, ethics, and political philosophy

MPhil Students

Azhar, Ahmad,
Girton College 

Philosophy of logic. The law of excluded middle, the proper scope of logic, the least fallible system of logic, and whether logic can provide a systematic approach to philosophical enquiry.

Assari, Kamyar
Trinity Hall

Ancient Metaphysics, Political Philosophy (Hegel, Rousseau)

Botin, Marcelino


Brown, William

 Metaethics, Political Philosophy, and Metaphysics

Ernst, Niklas
St Edmund's

 Non-Ideal Philosophy of Language, Social Epistemology and the Construction of Social Categories (esp. Sex and Gender)

Fisher, Alex
Robinson College

Philosophy of Language, Metaphilosophy, Fiction and Fictionalism

Griep, Ronja
Fitzwilliam College

 Political Philosophy, Practical Reason, Feminism

Hardwick, Kirsty
Trinity Hall

Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology and the Philosophy of Sex

Hutterer, Alexander
Corpus Christi College

 Kant and German Idealism, Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics (e.g. Bioethics)

Jooste-Jennings, Ben
Darwin College

Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Metaethics and Political Philosophy 

Ottati, Zachary
Emmanuel College

Kant and Metaphysics

Petrou, Andrea
Sidney Sussex College

Formal epistemology, decision theory, metaethics, political philosophy and the philosophy of effective altruism.

Sandle, Genevieve
Darwin College


Wall, Louis
Jesus College

The philosophy of mind, logic, the philosophy of language

Yang, Yo-ran
Trinity College

Philosophy of mind, social epistemology, philosophy of education, and phenomenology

Yeo, Seunghyun Angela
Emmanuel College

Moral Psychology, Virtue Theory, Moral Philosophy

Zhang, Yingzi
Magdelene College

Epistemology and Philosophy of language



Visiting Graduate Students

No visiting students in Easter 2020