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Causes of Deaths of Philosophers: D to G

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D. H. Mellor

Causes of death of philosophers: D-G


Dancy: No particular reason
Danto: Artfully transfigured
Darwin: Became unfit
Davidson: Radically different schematosis
Dawkins: Suicidal genes
Deleuze: Deterritorialized
Democritus: Atomised
Dennett: Unintentional stance
Derrida: Deconstructed
Descartes: Stopped thinking
Devitt: Naturalised causes
Devlin: Fell off Clapham omnibus
Dewey: Became part of the environment
Diderot: Unenlightened causes
Dilthey: Hermeneutic complication
Dingler: Unsuccessful experiments
Diodorus: Mastered by the argument
Diogenes: Exposure
Dretske: No indications
Dreyfus: Computerised
Dudman: Conditional causes
Dummett: Unverifiable causes
Duns Scotus: Being univocal to an accident
Dupre: Disorder
Durkheim: Suicide
Dworkin: Lost his integrity


Earman: Inextendible world-line
Einstein: Diced with God
Eliot: Eructation of unhealthy souls
Emmet: Passage of nature
Empedocles: Cosmic cycle accident
Epictetus: Crime of passion
Epicurus: Nothing to worry about
Ewing: Unfitness


Feigl: Nomological dangler
Feuerbach: Unfeeling causes
Feyerabend: Everything went
Fichte: Non-ego takeover
Field: Weight of numbers
Fine: Natural ontological causes
Fischer: Incompatibility
Flew: Met the great equaliser
Fodor: Fell off Granny's knee
Follesdal: Noematheosis
Foot: Run over by a trolley
Foucault: Disempowered
Frankfurt: Revised his will
Frege: Fell under a concept
Freud: Slipped
Fukuyama: History restarted


Gadamer: Lost horizons
Galbraith: Overpriced
Galen: Lost his sense of humours
Galileo: Stopped moving
Geach: Reference failure
Gentzen: Unnatural deduction
Gettier: Fatal counter-example
Gewirth: Dialectical necessity
Gibbon: Scribbling
Glymour: Tripped over his own bootstraps
Gödel: Became incomplete
Goldman: Unknown internal causes
Goodman: Gruesome bleen infection
Gorgias: Annihilated
Green: Had to share humanity's common end
Grice: Non-natural
Grosseteste: Encephalitis
Grunbaum: Psyched out
Gupta: Became unstable

Updated 11 October 2010