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Causes of Deaths of Philosophers: M to P

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D. H. Mellor

Causes of death of philosophers: M-P


Mach: Unsensational causes
Machiavelli: Intriguing causes
MacIntyre: After-virtue infection
Mackie: An inus condition
Maimonides: Lost his guide
Malcolm: Undreamed of causes
Malebranche: Occasional causes
Malley: Ceased to subsist
Marcuse: Became multi-dimensional
Maritain: Connatural causes
Martin, C B: Lockejaw
Marx: Material causes
Matravers: Art attack
Maxwell: Demonic possession
McCall: Branch fell off
McCulloch: Went out of his head
McDowell: Left the space of reasons
McGinn: Case closed
McTaggart: Untimely causes
Meinong: Lack of subsistence
Mellor: By chance
Merleau-Ponty: Perceptions blacked out
Mill: Depsychologised
Millikan: Devolved
Misak: Useless causes
Montague: Disfunction
Montaigne: Misjudged causes
Moore: By his own hand, obviously
Mumford: Outlawed


Naess: Over-exposure at great height
Nagel, Ernest: Reduction
Nagel, Tom: Struck by bat
Nerlich: Spaced out
Neurath: Positive causes
Newcomb: Too boxed
Newton: Fluxions
Nietzsche: Overpowered himself
Noonan: Unidentified assailant
Nozick: Lost track


O'Shaughnessy: Lost the will
Oakeshott: Experienced arrest
Ockham: Shaved beyond necessity
Oddie: Flew too close to the truth
Oliver, A: Bankrupt business
Ortega y Gasset: Learned ignoramus


Paine: Lost his rights
Paley: Bad design
Papineau: Supernaturalised
Paracelsus: Stabbed
Parfit: Mistaken identity
Parmenides: No two ways
Pascal: The wagers of sin
Passmore: 100 years of philosophy
Pavlov: Reflexed
Peacocke: Discontent
Peirce: Reached the end of inquiry
Penrose: Became computable
Perry: Lost himself
Pettit: Stopped responding
Pherecydes: Lice
Piaget: Irreversible operation
Pirsig: Motorbike crashed
Place: Brained
Plantinga: Of necessity
Plato: Caved in
Pollock: Defeated
Popper: Falsified
Potter, M: Whereof he could not speak
Price: Priceless reality
Priest: Became more dead than alive
Prior: Past it
Pritchard: Bad luck
Protagoras: Eaten by fish
Putnam: Dysfunctional state
Pyrrho: Scepticemia
Pythagoras: Squared on the hypotenuse

Updated 10 September 2019