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Causes of Deaths of Philosophers: Q-V

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D. H. Mellor

Causes of death of philosophers: Q-V


Quine: Over-stimulation


Rand, Ayn: Objectified ego
Ramsey: Made redundant
Rawls: Ignorance unveiled
Raz: Exclusionary reasons
Redhead: Robust causes
Reichenbach: Common causes
Reid: Uncommon sense
Rescher: Published & perished
Ricoeur: Felt misunderstood
Rogers, Carl: Lost his gestalt
Rorty: No foundations
Ross: In the line of duty
Rousseau: Contract job
Russell: Cut himself shaving
Ryle: Gave up the ghost


Salmon: Fishy causal process
Sartre: Nothing doing
Scanlon: Passed the buck
Schaffer, J: Pre-empted
Scheffler, Samuel: Exercised his prerogative
Scheler: Became objectively valued
Schelling: Became too idealistic
Schlesinger: Became hypertensed
Schlick: Collapsed protocol
Schopenhauer: Willing to die
Searle: Chinese food
Sellars: Not given
Sextus Empiricus: Doubtful causes
Sheffer: Stroke
Shoemaker: Loss of identity
Sidgwick: Impractical reason
Simons: Departed
Singer: Liberated
Skinner, B F: Bad behaviour
Skolem: Ambiguity
Slote: Had enough
Smart: Dematerialised
Smiley: Lost his singleton
Smith, A: Invisible hand
Smith, M: Lost motivation
Smith, P: Unanalysed
Socrates: Consumption
Sorabji: Four causes
Spengler: Decline
Sperber: Became irrelevant
Spinoza: Substance abuse
Stalnaker: Inquiry pending
Steglich-Petersen: Lost his norms
Sterelny: Devolution
Stocker: Existence became supererogatory
Strauss, Levi: Persecution
Strawson: Unidentified
Sylvan: Lost in jungle


Tanner: Götterdammerung
Tarski: 'Death'
Taylor: Renounced agency
Thales: Drowned
Thoreau: Uncivil disobedience
Tillich: Being underground
Tuomela: Group decision
Turing: Failed his own test


Unamuno, Miguel: Tragic loss of sense
Unger: Never knew


Van Fraassen: Empirical inadequacy
Van Inwagen: Own free will
Vico: Recycled
Virilio: Tachycardia
Von Mises, Richard: Collective causes
Von Wright: By obligation

Updated 10 September 2019