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'Properties' edited by D. H. Mellor and Alex Oliver

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D. H. Mellor

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Edited by D. H. Mellor and Alex Oliver

Oxford University Press 1997,

D. H. Mellor and Alex Oliver
I Function and Concept
Gottlob Frege
II The World of Universals
Bertrand Russell
III On our Knowledge of Universals
Bertrand Russell
IV Universals
F. P. Ramsey
V On What There Is
W. V. Quine
VI Statements about Universals
Frank Jackson
VII 'Ostrich Nominalism' or 'Mirage Realism'
Michael Devitt
VIII Against 'Ostrich' Nominalism: A Reply to Michael Devitt
D. M. Armstrong
IX On the Elements of Being: I
Donald C. Williams
X The Metaphysic of Abstract Particulars
Keith Campbell
XI Tropes
Chris Daly
XII Properties
D. M. Armstrong
XIII Modal Realism at Work: Properties
David Lewis
XIV New Work for a Theory of Universals
David Lewis
XV Causality and Properties
Sydney Shoemaker
XVI Properties and Predicates
D. H. Mellor

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