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Frank Ramsey Centenary Volume

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Cover of Ramsey's Legacy

Ramsey's Legacy

Edited by Hallvard Lillehammer and D. H. Mellor

Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2005, pp.x+182.

Frank Ramsey (1903-1930) was the greatest of all the remarkable philosophers working in Cambridge University in the first half of the twentieth century. In his short life, besides producing seminal work in philosophy, particularly in logic, metaphysics and the philosophy of mind and language, Ramsey created modern decision theory and new branches of mathematics and economics. This volume contains revised versions of papers, given at an international conference held in Newnham College Cambridge in 2003 to commemorate the centenary year of Ramsey's birth, which show the continuing importance and influence of his work in all these fields.

Notes on Contributors

Hallvard Lillehammer
Ramsey's Principle Resituated
Jerome Dokic & Pascal Engel
Success Semantics
Simon Blackburn
Ramsey's Legacies on Conditionals and Truth
Dorothy Edgington
What is Squiggle? Ramsey on Wittgenstein's Theory of Judgement
Peter M. Sullivan
Ramsey's Transcendental Argument
Michael Potter
Ramsey on Universals
Frasey MacBride
Empiricism and Ramsey's Account of Theories
Pierre Cruse
Ramsey Sentences and Avoiding the Sui Generis
Frank Jackson
What Does Subjective Decision Theory Tell Us?
D. H. Mellor
Three Conceptions of Intergenerational Justice
Partha Dasgupta


Updated 12 September 2019