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Moral Sciences Club

The Moral Sciences Club

All meetings will be held 2.30 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. at Newnham College in the rooms shown below, followed by tea and coffee in reception at the Faculty and then dinner in the evening.

Meetings are open only to those eligible for membership of the Club. Membership shall be open to any undergraduate, graduate student or senior member of the University. Visiting scholars and other persons may become members with the consent of the Officers.

There is a charge of £7.50 for a year's membership for junior members (undergraduates and graduate students), or £15 for a year's membership for others, both of which can be purchased online here. For those eligible for membership who do not join there is a £2 charge for one-off attendance at individual meetings for junior members and £3 for others.  

Please read the rules of the club. You may also be interested in 'A short History' of the Moral Sciences Club.  

The club secretaries are Li Li Tan, James Hutton, and Matt Dougherty.  To contact the Moral Sciences Club email  Join the MSC mailing list to make and receive postings to the list.

Listen and subscribe to the Moral Sciences Club podcasts on iTunes U or via RSS feed.

Michaelmas Term 2016


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
11th October

David Papineau (King's College/CUNY)

"The Metaphysics of Sensory Experience"

Barbara White Room

18th October

Tom Stern (UCL)

"The Problem with Nietzsche's Ethics of Affirmation"

Barbara White Room

25th October

Bernhard Salow (Cambridge)

"Biased Information"

Barbara White Room

1st November

Mark Richard (Harvard)

"Meanings as Species"

Barbara White Room

8th November

Anil Gomes (Oxford)

“Kantian Acquaintance”

Barbara White Room

15th November

Adam Bales (Cambridge)

"Decision-Theoretic Pluralism: Causation, Evidence, and Indeterminacy"

Barbara White Room

22nd November

Jeff McMahan (Oxford)

"Against Collective Responsibility"

Barbara White Room

29th November

Lucy O'Brien (UCL)

"Shameful Self-Consciousness"

Barbara White Room


Lent Term 2017

Barbara White room


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
24th January

Cécile Fabre (Oxford)

"'Tu Quoque': on the ethics of inconsistency, double standards and hypocrisy in economic foreign policy"

Barbara White room
31st January

Henry Taylor (Cambridge)

"The nature of properties: Pure powers or powerful qualities?" Barbara White room
7th February

Matti Eklund (Uppsala)

"Variance Theses in Ontology and Metaethics"
Barbara White Room
14th February

Lizzie Fricker (Oxford)

"The Prizes and Perils of Trusting Others" Barbara White room
21st February

Daisy Dixon (Cambridge)

"Can Art Lie?" Barbara White room
28th February

Carla Bagnoli (Modena/Oslo)

"Change in view: a non-standard constructivist account" Barbara White room
7th March

Anne Eaton (Illinois at Chicago)

"Antiporn Feminism Reconceived"

Barbara White Room
14th March

Peter Adamson (Ludwig Maximilian University)

"Dialectic in Alexander of Aphrodisias' Treatises on Fate and Providence"

Barbara White room

Easter Term 2017


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
2nd May

Mike Martin (UCL)

Variation and change in appearances

Barbara White room
9th May

Ian Rumfitt (Oxford)


Barbara White room
16th May

Rachel Fraser (Cambridge)

The pragmatics and epistemology of narrative

Barbara White room
23rd May

L. A. Paul (UNC Chapel Hill)

De Se Preferences and Epistemic Deference

Barbara White room