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Moral Psychology Research Group

Photo of Moral Psychology good and evil signposts


The Cambridge Moral Psychology Research Group brings together researchers from different disciplines—including neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, law, and others—who have a common interest in understanding moral behaviour. The aims of the group are to (1) foster inter-disciplinary collaboration, (2) help its members learn about relevant methods used in other fields, and (3) host discussions with leading academics about the key contemporary questions in moral psychology.


Nora Heinzelmann (Department of Philosophy)
Gabriela Pavarini(Department of Psychology)
Isabelle Jefford  (Department of Psychology)
Juliet Griffin (Department of Psychology)

Previous Convener

Tor Tarantola (Department of Psychology)
Dr Philippe Gilchrist (Deptartment of Psychology)

Faculty Advisors

Prof Richard Holton (Professor of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy)
Dr Benedetto De Martino (Sir Henry Dale Senior Research Fellow, Department of Psychology)
Dr Tom Dougherty (Lecturer, Faculty of Philosophy)  

Previous Faculty Advisors

Dr Simone Schnall  (Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Cambridge

Upcoming event

Title of talk:

Moral virtue and self-control


Prof Roy Baumeister (Florida State University) & Prof Richard
Holton (Cambridge)


Monday May 16, 2016


4.30 p.m.


Sidgwick Lecture Block Room 3


Free to attend, all are welcome

Past events

The Moral Pyschology Research Group past events can be found by clicking on the 'Past events' tab on the following page.