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Moral Sciences Club

The Moral Sciences Club

All meetings will be held 2.30 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. at Newnham College in the rooms shown below, followed by tea and coffee in reception at the Faculty and then dinner in the evening.

Meetings are open only to those eligible for membership of the Club. Membership shall be open to any undergraduate, graduate student or senior member of the University. Visiting scholars and other persons may become members with the consent of the Officers.

There is a charge of £7.50 for a year's membership for junior members (undergraduates and graduate students), or £15 for a year's membership for others, both of which can be purchased online here. For those eligible for membership who do not join there is a £2 charge for one-off attendance at individual meetings for junior members and £3 for others.  

Please read the rules of the club. You may also be interested in 'A short History' of the Moral Sciences Club.  

The club secretaries are Daisy Dixon and Adam Bales.  To contact the Moral Sciences Club email

Michaelmas Term 2015


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
13th October

 Josh Greene (Harvard)

How does the brain construct complex thoughts?

Barbara White Room

20th October

 Katalin Farkas (Central European University)

Know-how and know-wh

Sidgwick Hall

27th October

 Nakul Krishna (Cambridge)

Two Conceptions of Common-Sense Morality

Sidgwick Hall

3rd November

 Susanna Siegel (Harvard/Birmingham)

Salience Norms

Barbara White Room

10th November

 Ian Phillips (Oxford)

Unconscious perception reconsidered

Sidgwick Hall

17th November

 David Bakhurst (Queens)

Practice, Sensibility and Moral Education

Barbara White Room

24th November

 Susan Brison (Dartmouth College)

Gender-based Violence and Epistemic Injustice  (see abstract)

Sidgwick Hall

1st December

 Alison Hills (Oxford)

How to be a moral expert

Barbara White Room


Lent Term 2016


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
19th January

 Richard Heck (Brown)

Against Frontloading (see abstract)

Sidgwick Hall
26th January

 Chris Cowie (Cambridge)

Biting the Bullet in Non-Identity Cases Sidgwick Hall
2nd February

 Robin Zheng (Cambridge)

Expanding the Moral Repertoire: Oughts, Ideals, and Appraisals Barbara White Room
9th February

 Samir Okasha (Bristol)

Rationality from a Biological Perspective Sidgwick Hall
16th February

 Mat Simpson (Cambridge)

Pragmatism and the No Exit Objection Sidgwick Hall
23rd February

 No talk this week

1st March

 Robbie Williams (Leeds)

Normative reference magnets

Barbara White Room
8th March

 Lilli Alanen (Uppsala)

Personal Identity, Passions and Hume's 'True Idea of the Human Mind'

Barbara White room

Easter Term 2016


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
19th April

Ali Boyle (Cambridge)

How might mindreading be minimal?

Sidgwick Hall
26th April

Katharine Jenkins (Cambridge)

Ontic Injustice

Sidgwick Hall
3rd May

Vid Simoniti (Cambridge)

Beauty and power: response-dependence in aesthetic properties (see abstract)

Sidgwick Hall
10th May

 David Pitt (Cal State, LA)

Objects and Their Phases Sidgwick Hall
17th May  Louise Hanson (Cambridge) The Real Problem with Evolutionary Debunking Arguments Sidgwick Hall