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Faculty of Philosophy



Health and Safety

The following Heath and Safety policies are in place to ensure the Faculty as a safe and healthy place to work, study, visit and enjoy. The Department will take all reasonable steps necessary to provide a healthy and safe environment for work and study. Compliance with all statutory obligations is the minimum standard. To fulfil this commitment, we will implement the health, safety and welfare policies of the University of Cambridge and supplement them with local departmental policies and guidance as necessary. The formulation and review of Departmental health and safety policy, guidance and the monitoring of health and safety requirements, implementation and performance is the responsibility of the Departmental Safety Committee held jointly with MML.

The University Health and Safety Policy (Jan 2022) can be found here. 

The Policy for the Faculty/RFB is found here .

In addition the latest guidance advice and policies on how to manage communicable diseases including Covid -19 is found here

Fire and Emergency Procedures are in place throughout the Department.  All areas of the Department will have designated Fire Wardens who will ensure the rapid and complete evacuation of the building in any emergency and monitor the condition of local escape routes and fire equipment.  The fire alarm systems within Departmental buildings are regularly tested and an evacuation drill is undertaken annually.

The Department will provide an adequate number of suitably qualified First Aiders and sufficient first aid equipment and supplies. 

Reporting a Accident.  

All accidents and incidents, however trivial they may seem, should be reported using the online system, paper forms are no longer permitted. 

You can access the portal using the following link. (Requires Raven Password). 

Submission of an incident via the portal will alert the Department Safety Officer (DSO) Eleanor Hammersley who will be prompted to complete the full report for submission to the University safety Office with all parties. Investigations can follow and will be added to the initial on-line report.

All relevant information about the new reporting system can be found at: and a guidance note is at: Online Incident Reporting Guidance Notes  


Travel - Risk Assessment and Insurance - staff and students 

The risk assessment procedure is designed to ensure there is appropriate risk management in place for the activities of students and staff.  Without a risk assessment in place for travel any claim against the University insurance would be null and void. 

The University distinguishes between three levels of risk: low, medium and high.  For further guidance, on what constitutes risk at each level please view the risk rating table.

As indicated in the table, the risk is primarily based on the travel advice given by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).  In order to establish the risk rating to the area you are travelling to, please visit their website for foreign travel advice.  

The latest guidelines can be found here

Most work undertaken will be covered by the low risk form below: 

icon word            Risk Assessment form for Low Risk Working Away and Conferences

This requires the Chair of Faculties signature. 


Work related stress

The department also like to remind people that we adhere to the Cambridge Universities Stress at Work Policies. Help and support for staff can be found at the above link.  

Students are reminded that the UG  and PG offices are happy to discuss any concerns that may be causing you distress and are happy to help you navigate Cambridge Universities many sources of support. This may also be accessed directly and via