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Faculty of Philosophy


icon alert normal  Please note that since the announcement of the UK lockdown at the start of January 2021,  the Faculty has had to close the Postgraduate Centre, the study spaces and all other rooms in the Raised Faculty Building until further notice.


The Faculty uses an online room booking system called Booker, which is a University wide room booking system. If postgraduate students would like to book one of the Faculty's supervision rooms, the common room, or the board room, for supervisions or reading groups etc, please use the following link to the system:

Once you have clicked on the link, you will be taken to a login page, where you'll need to enter your University email address and then to a second page where you'll need to enter your Raven password.

Please see the user guides here:


Queries about using this system should be addressed to

Faculty guidelines for discussion

Postgraduate students who are booking rooms to use for reading groups or discussion groups are asked to refer to the Faculty's guidance for discussion in teaching and research. These can be found here.

Safety notes

Access to facilities is restricted due to COVID-19 safety measures.

Please note that any postgraduate students booking to use rooms, or desk space in the postgraduate centre, must adhere to guidance for users of the whole of the Raised Faculty Building, found here:

As well as University guidance on wearing face coverings, found here:

Students using rooms or shared spaces in the Faculty are responsible for opening windows to provide sufficient ventilation, and for closing these again at the end of a booked session.

The person booking a room for a reading group or other meeting is the designated leader of the meeting. The leader must ensure that all attendees comply with social distancing and other COVID safety rules. The leader must keep a list of the names and email addresses of attendees for 21 days, and be prepared to provide this data to NHS Test and Trace if requested.

If you are a student with a high risk assessment, please consult your college to check whether attending an activity on Faculty or other University premises is appropriate for you

Photos of rooms available

Please see below for photos of the rooms currently available for booking, and how they appear during the pandemic, due to safety measures which have been put in place.

Supervision room 311 – Maximum capacity of two users

rm311 1pngrm311 2pngrm311 3


Supervision room 315A – Maximum capacity of two users

rm315a 2pngrm315a 1rm315a 3


Faculty Board Room – Room 323A - Maximum capacity of 5 users

rm323 1rm323 2pngrm323 3


Postgraduate Common room – Room 322 – Maximum capacity of 7 users

rm322 2rm322 1


Desk space bookable in the Postgraduate Centre – 7 spaces available

Please note that desks taped off with yellow/black tape are not to be used.

Please note that it is ONLY possible to book slots from 8.30-12.30 and 1-5pm. Users MUST vacate the desk space immediately at the end of their session time (or earlier), to allow time for departures to be made before students come in for the next session. Please do not hang around before or after your assigned slot. To provide extra ventilation in the Postgraduate Centre, students may open the window by the printer/MFD, or the window by the lockers.

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gradcentre 3gradcentre 4

gradcentre 5gradcentre 6

gradcentre 8gradcentre 7