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Borrowing from the library


Who can borrow?

All current members of the University (and official Faculty Visitors) may borrow books from the Casimir Lewy Library. In order to register, readers need to present their valid University card at the Issue Desk when they visit the Library for the first time. This must be shown each time a book is borrowed.

Please note: there is no registration of new readers on Saturdays.

How many books can I borrow?

BorrowerNo of loansLoan period
Undergraduates 10 1  week
Graduates/staff 15 2 weeks

In certain cases, users may be entitled to extended loans, please ask about this. Please note: It is not possible to borrow or renew books if you have overdue items or outstanding fines on your account. Books should not be borrowed on behalf of another person.

How can I renew my books?

Books on standard loan may be renewed up to 3 times if there are no outstanding fines, overdue books, or requests. You can renew books by:

  • My Library Account: you can see what you've borrowed, when it's due back, renew books, check the status of your recall request, and find out if you have any fines.
  • In Person: If books are overdue they must be brought back to the library to be renewed, and any fines paid.

Please note:  Books become overdue at library closing time on the date they are due. Overnight loans must be brought to the library for renewal. Also, it is not possible to renew books online in the first and last weeks of each term. This is because vacation borrowing comes into operation. If you want to keep a book for the vacation, you will need to bring it to the library to have it returned and re-issued to you.

How can I request a book which is on loan?


If the book you want is on loan to someone else, you can recall it. This means that the current borrower cuts short their loan and returns the book as soon as possible.

If someone recalls a book that you have on loan you will not be able to renew it. A recall notice will be sent to you and the book must then be returned by the new due date or fines will be incurred.

Placing a recall

  • From iDiscover, click on 'My Library Account' in the top navigation bar and Select the ‘log in with Raven’ option.
  • Find the book you want by searching iDiscover, requesting is done from the detailed results page in iDiscover.
  • To get to the results page: look at the full record by clicking on the title, Click on the location that you want, then click on 'Check request options' next to its details.
  • Select 'Place a recall'.

We will keep requested books for 3 days at the library issue desk. We will email you when it is ready to collect.

Book returns

When the library is open, books should always be returned to a member of staff at the issue desk. When the Library is closed you may return books to our book drop which is just outside the Raised Faculty Building entrance opposite Lady Mitchell Hall.

Books can be returned to the Library by post when necessary. Pack the parcel well and send by a tracked delivery method to minimise the risk of loss or damage.

If you're in a hurry you can also return books to the Sidgwick site drop box called Sidgbox. It's near to the English Faculty off West Road. Books are collected twice a day and will be brought back to the Philosophy Library.

Courtesy and overdue notices

Notices are sent via email as a courtesy to remind you of the due dates and to inform you when a book has become overdue. The Library does not accept responsibility for the failure or delay of email reminders.


Fines on overdue items are charged to all categories of borrower. The current rates are 25p per item per day for standard loan items and 50p per day for books that have been recalled. A few books and journals are 1 day loan and the fines for these are £1 per item per day. Fines may be paid with cash, or online via our secure site.

If you think you may have lost a book from the Philosophy Faculty Library, please contact us or in person to discuss what to do next.

Log in with the barcode from the back of your University card, and to renew books, just click on their titles!

Click to renew

You can pay your library fine online using your debit or credit card from our secure site. Please allow 24 hours for the fine to be cleared from your account. **Please enter the amount carefully when prompted**

Pay a fine online