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Student Complaints Procedure

Where a student is dissatisfied with any provision, action or inaction by the University students are able to raise a complaint.  Students are expected to initially raise a complaint with a suitable member of staff within the Faculty. However, where the matter is serious or where students remain dissatisfied, a complaint can be raised with the central University.  Complaints need to be raised in a timely way and within 28 days to ensure an effective remedy can be put in place. Find further information here:​.

Examination Review Procedure

​Where a student is dissatisfied with examination results, the Examination Review Procedure can be initiated within 28 days of formal notification of the results.  Find further information here:​​

​Student and staff behaviour

​Where a student is dissatisfied with the behaviour of another student or a staff member because it amounts to harassment or sexual misconduct then the student can raise this with the University, so that action can be taken.  Find further information here: