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Faculty of Philosophy


This page contains various Faculty forms to be used by postgraduate students:

  • The Appointment of PhD Examiners form should be used when PhD students are getting ready to submit, and would like to have examiners approved. Please discuss this with your PhD supervisor.
  • The Conference Expenses form below should be used by any postgraduate students wishing to apply for funding towards attending conferences/workshops.  Eligible expenses include registration, travel & accommodation. Please discuss your application with your PhD supervisor or MPhil advisor, as well as checking first to see whether your College can also offer funding. The Faculty can offer students who make a successful application funding of up to a maximum of £200 in one academic year (Oct to Sept). Please note that successful applicants will also  be asked to complete an FD1A form in order for the reimbursement to be processed. This can be found here.
  • The hardship funding form should be used by PhD students who find themselves unexpectedly facing financial hardship. Please discuss your applcation with your PhD supervisor, and also explore central University postgraduate hardship funding.
  • The Risk Assessment Form, and samples, should be completed by any PhD students applying to work away.

Any queries on completing these forms should be addressed to the Postgraduate Secretary.

Appointment of PhD Examiners Form

Conference expenses funding application form

Postgraduate hardship funding application form

Risk assessment form RA1

Risk Assessment Samples