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Faculty of Philosophy


Waste and Recycling

The Faculty has a number of well labelled bins to help everyone to dispose of their rubbish correctly.

Photo of waste cans


What goes into each bin?

Mixed Recycling 

Accepts all types of paper and card, as well as plastics, tins, cans and foils, and cartons.

Food Waste

Did you know that Vegware cups from the University's catering outlets can also go in Food Waste bins?

General Waste

(Formerly landfill) collection takes non-recyclables such as wood, polystyrene, paper towels and mixed materials items.

Crisp Packets

Any brand of empty crisp packet should be placed in the designated bin in the Old Library Coffee area. These packets are then sent to Terracycle for recycling.

Please refer to the University’s A-Z of recycling for any items that are not listed here.

Key guidelines are as follows:

  • The general rule of thumb is that most things CAN be recycled
  • Key exceptions are paper towels/tissue paper, and polystyrene (they need to go in the general waste bin NOT recycling)
  • Please use the food waste bins for all leftover food, tea bags, and coffee grounds, as well as any items of Vegware (the disposable packaging used in the Buttery).  Used Nespresso coffee pods should be placed in the dedicated pot next to the coffee machine please
  • Paper towels and tissue paper should go in the general waste bin
  • Glass is now recycled separately – there is a bin in the Faculty Office for any glass items