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Faculty of Philosophy


Waste and Recycling

The Faculty has a number of well labelled bins to help everyone to dispose of their rubbish correctly.


What goes into each bin?


Mixed Recycling 

Accepts all types of paper and card, as well as plastics, tins, cans and foils, and cartons. You will find the recycling bin in the Faculty corridor, near the photocopier.

General Waste

General waste bins take non-recyclables such as wood, polystyrene, paper towels and mixed materials items.

Pen and Battery recycling

There are labelled baskets by the Green Impact noticeboard in the Faculty corridor for pen and battery recycling.

Print toners

Please bring your print toners to the Faculty Office.

Glass recycling

There is a glass recycling bin in the Faculty Office.

Coffee pods

Please place Nespresso coffee pods in the dedicated tin next to the coffee machine.

Electrical items

Please advise the Faculty Office of any electrical items that need disposing of, so that the correct procedures can be followed.

For any items not listed here, please see the University’s A-Z of recycling.