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Faculty of Philosophy



2020 Events

[audio feed]  Workshop: Recent Work on Kant’s Critique of Judgment
28th Februrary 2020

[audio feed]  Seminar with Andreas Stokke (Uppsala/Oxford) on Fictional Metarepresentation in Non-Fiction
27th Februrary 2020

[audio feed] Thirteenth Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
18th January to 19th January 2020

2019 Events

[audio feed] Climate Conversations: Fast Fashion in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion
  25th October 2019

[audio feed] Professor Rae Langton at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2019: panel discussion entitled ‘Hate Speech, Xenophobia, and Trolls’
  24th October 2019

[audio feed] Climate Conversations: Intergenerational Justice' in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion
  18th October 2019

[audio feed] Imagination and Originality: Kant on Science and Cognition Workshop
  27th to 28th June 2019

[audio feed] Beyond Marriage: Philosophy, Politics, Law Conference
  24th to 25th May 2019

[audio feed] Disinterestedness Workshop
  23rd May 2019

[audio feed] Vitalism in Early Modern Philosophy
  29th to 30th March 2019

[audio feed] One day conference on Non Categorical Thought
  25th March 2019

[audio feed] Cambridge Sixth Form Philosophy Conference
  21st March 2019

[audio feed] The 11th Routledge Lecture in Philosophy entitled "Ethics for Communication in a Digital Age" given by Baroness Onora O'Neill
7th March 2019

[audio feed] Twelfth Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
19th January to 20th January 2019

2018 Events

[audio feed]Festival of Ideas: Prof. Rae Langton joins other Cambridge speakers and Independent journalists on a panel to talk about ‘independent thinking in an age of information overload’
19th October 2018

[audio feed]Festival of Ideas: Clare Chambers gives a talk entitled 'Against Marriage' at the Festival of Ideas
15 October 2018

[audio feed]Alumni Festival: Prof. Rae Langton at the Cambridge Alumni Festival on ‘Post-truth as post-democracy’
22 September 2018

[audio feed]Objects and Properties: Generating Dialogue Conference
29th - 30th June 2018

[audio feed]Minorities and Philosophy Cambridge Conference - Power and Identity: Philosophical Reflections on Liberation
18th June 2018

[audio feed] Conceptions of Kantian Unity Workshop
1st June 2018

[audio feed] Eleventh Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
20th January to 21st January 2018

2017 Events

[audio feed]Festival of Ideas: Rae Langton on 'Post-truth as post-democracy'
16th October 2017

[audio feed]Alumni Festival: Clare Chambers on 'Should the state recognise marriage?'
23rd September 2017

[audio feed]The Human Mind Conference
27th to 29th June 2017

[audio feed]Women in Philosophy Conference
  8th June 2017

[audio feed]Routledge Lecture in Philosophy 2017: 'The Point of View of the Universe: Defending Sidgwick's Ethics'
26th May 2017

[audio feed]Prof. David Miller (Oxford) public lectures
22nd & 24th May 2017

[audio feed] Tim Crane: 'Is the Mind a Physical Thing?'
  17th May 2017

[audio feed] Sixth-Form Philosophy Conference at Newnham College Cambridge
23rd March 2017

[audio feed] Intentionality: New Directions
21st to 23rd March 2017

[audio feed] Free Speech on Campus
14th March 2017

[audio feed]Future Directions in Epistemology: Formal, Informal, Applied - BARSEA Conference in Epistemology
25th to 26th February 2017

[audio feed]Remembering Casimir Lewy: the man, his life and his philosophy
10th February 2017

[audio feed] Tenth Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
28th January to 29th January 2017

2016 Events

[audio feed] Alumni Festival 2016: Acts of Faith
24th September 2016

[audio feed] Conference on Bernard Williams and the Ancients
19th September 2016

[audio feed] The Unity of the Subject - First workshop of the DAAD Network on German Philosophy
6th to 7th June 2016

[audio feed] Women in the History of Philosophy Conference
9th June 2016

[audio feed] The Unity of the Subject - First workshop of the DAAD Network on German Philosophy
6th to 7th June 2016

[audio feed]Non-Physicalist Views of Consciousness Conference organized by the New Directions in the Study of the Mind Project
24th to 26th May 2016

[audio feed] The Identity of Truth Conference at Trinity College, Cambridge
20th to 21st May 2016

[audio feed]  Moral Pyschology Research Group event 'Moral virtue and self-control', Sidgwick Lecture Block, Cambridge
16th May 2016

[audio feed]  Sixth-form Philosophy Conference at Newnham College Cambridge
15th April 2016

[audio feed]  Immateriality - A joint conference organized by the University of Cambridge – Peking University Immateriality, Thinking and the Self Project (British Academy) and New Directions in the Study of the Mind (Templeton Foundation)
18th February 2016

[audio feed]  Ninth Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
16th January to 17th January 2016

2015 Events

[audio feed]   Immateriality, Thinking and the Self in the Long Middle Ages
      14th to 15th July 2015

[audio feed]   Self-prediction in Decision Theory and Artificial Intelligence Conference
      13th to 19th May 2015

[audio feed]   Sixth-form Philosophy Conference at Newnham College Cambridge
      19th March 2015

[audio feed]   Eighth Annual Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
      17th January to 18th January 2015

2014 Events

[audio feed]   Festival of Ideas talk - Professor Rae Langton 'Identity and Immortality'
      22nd October 2014

[audio feed]   Alumni Festival Lecture 2014 - Dr Nigel Warburton 'Philosophy as Dialogue'
      27th September 2014

[audio feed]   Realism and Antirealism in Aesthetics and Metaethics Conference
      9th August to 10th August 2014

[audio feed]   British Society for Ethical Theory Annual Conference
      14th July to 16th July 2014

[audio feed]   The 88th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association
      11th July to 13th July 2014

[audio feed]   British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference
      10th July to 11th July 2014

[audio feed]   Routledge Lecture in Philosophy: Acting and Thinking Together
      12th June 2014

[audio feed]   How Universal are Universals?
      26th to 27th April 2014

[audio feed]   Workshop on the nature of logic, Faculty of Philosophy
      15th March 2014

[audio feed]   7th Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics
      18th to 19th January 2014

2013 Events

[audio feed]   Professor Michael Potter's inaugural lecture:
      Logic and Assertion
      18th October 2013

[More info icon]   A Workshop on the Philosophy of JJ Thomson
      17th October 2013 - Newnham College, Cambridge 

[audio feed]   Professor Alex Oliver: Mind Senior Research Fellow Lecture:
      The logic of "nothing" from Homer to Heidegger
      4th October 2013

[More info icon]   Alumni Festival Lecture 2013: Wittgenstein on Religion
      28th September 2013 - Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge

[More info icon]   Cambridge Kant Workshop
      10th September 2013 - Dept of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge 

[More info icon]   The Roles of Knowledge Workshop
      28th - 29th June 2013 - King's College, Cambridge 

[More info icon]   The Limits of Duty Workshop
      Friday 14th June 2013 - Newnham College, Cambridge

[More info icon]   Prof. Hykel Hosni: Seminar on Decision Theory
      Thursday 30 May 2013 - Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge 

[More info icon]   No-platform and Hate Speech Workshop
      Friday 17 May 2013 - Jesus College, Cambridge

[More info icon]   What is Domination? Workshop 
      Friday 3rd May 2013 - Trinity Hall, Cambridge 

[More info icon]   Routledge Lecture transcript - Professor Susan Wolf on 'Responsibility, Moral and Otherwise'
     21st February 2013, Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge 

icon right  6th Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics
     19th to 20th January 2013 - St John's College, Cambridge

2012 Events

icon right   Philosophy and the Sciences – Old Visions, New Directions
     30 November - 1 December 2012, Alison Richard Building, University of Cambridge

[audio feed]   Professor Huw Price, Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy inaugural lecture:
      Where would we be without counterfactuals?

      (recorded 1 November 2012) 

[audio feed]   Alumni Weekend 2012: Professor Tim Crane - 'What do animals think?'
      (recorded 22 September 2012)

icon right   Logical Form Conference
     18 - 19 September 2012, The Møller Centre, University of Cambridge

icon right   Foundations of Mathematics: What are they and what are they for?
     10 - 12 July 2012, Fitzwilliam College Cambridge

icon right   Perspectival Legal Discourse
     5 - 6 July 2012, University of Cambridge 

icon right   Principles in Practice Conference
     28 June 2012, Churchill Collge Cambridge

icon right   Cambridge Pragmatism Research Workshop
     31 May - 1 June 2012, Trinity Collge Cambridge

icon right   Cambridge/MIT Workshop on Decision Theory, etc.
     23 May 2012, Newnham College Cambridge

icon right   Leverhulme Philosophy Lectures 2012 - Professor Christopher Martin
  24 January - 28 February 2012, Faculty of Philosophy

icon right   5th Cambridge Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics
     21 - 22 January 2012, Fitzwilliam College Cambridge 

icon right   Medieval Philosophy Seminar Series: Topics in Twelfth Century Philosophy
     20 January - 17 February 2012, Faculty of Philosophy

2011 Events

[audio feed]   Professor John Marenbon Inaugural lecture: When was Medieval Philosophy?
      (recorded 30 November 2011 - see also the Lecture Transcript) )

[audio feed]   Festival of Ideas: Professor John O'Neill - Happiness and Sustainability
      (recorded 28 October 2011)

[audio feed]   Routledge Lecture in Philosophy: Professor David Luban -
      Arguing about torture

      (recorded 21 October 2011)

[audio feed]  Alumni Weekend 2011: Professor Derek Matravers - 'Art and Morality'
     (recorded 24 September 2011)

  Conceptual content: history and prospects
     20 September - 21 September 2011, Peterhouse College Cambridge

[audio feed]   Leverhulme Philosophy Lectures 2011 - Professor Frank Jackson
     27 April - 16 May 2011, Faculty of Philosophy

[audio feed]   Fiction on Fiction - Metafictions and Reflexive Representation:
     Philosophy, Film, Art, Literature

     15 April - 16 April 2011, CRASSH, University of Cambridge

 icon   2011 Routledge Lecture notes - Professor Tim Scanlon

      'Ideas of the Good in Moral and Political Philosophy'
      (lecture date 15 March 2011)

2010 Events

[audio feed]   Professor Tim Crane Inaugural Lecture as Knightbridge Professor
      'What is Distinctive About Human Thought?'

      (recorded 1 December 2010) 

[audio feed]   Aspects of Philosophy at Cambridge Conference
     19 - 20 November 2010, Hughes Hall Cambridge

[audio feed]   Dr Cain Todd - 'Fiction, emotion and imagination'
      (recorded 29 October 2010)

[audio feed]   Alumni Weekend 2010: Dr Fraser MacBridge -
     The Dark Matter of Cambridge Philosophy

     (recorded 25 September 2010 - see also the Lecture Handout)

 icon right   Autonomy and Mental Health Conference

     7 - 8 January 2010, CRASSH University of Cambridge