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Moral Sciences Club

The Moral Sciences Club

All meetings will be held 2.30 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. at Newnham College in the rooms shown below, followed by tea and coffee in reception at the Faculty and then dinner in the evening.

Meetings are open only to those eligible for membership of the Club. Membership shall be open to any undergraduate, postgraduate student or senior member of the University. Visiting scholars and other persons may become members with the consent of the Officers.

Please read the rules of the club. You may also be interested in 'A short History' of the Moral Sciences Club.  

The club secretaries are Alex Horne, Roxane Noel and Zoe Walker.  To contact the Moral Sciences Club email  Join the MSC mailing list to make and receive postings to the list.

Listen and subscribe to the Moral Sciences Club podcasts on iTunes U or via RSS feed.

See the proposed constitution, to be discussed at the EGM on 12th November.

Please note some titles are provisional.

Michaelmas Term 2019


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
15th October Nick Denyer (Cambridge)

Euclid, Plato, and Aristotle on What Geometry is About

Jane Harrison room

22nd October

Luvell Anderson (Syracuse)

Roasting Ethics

Jane Harrison room

29th October

Bob Pasnau (CU Boulder)

Choosing between Faith and Heresy

Barbara White Room

5th November

Benjamin Marschall (Cambridge)

Carnap’s Defence of Abstract Objects

Jane Harrison room

12th November

Kenny Walden (Dartmouth)

Agency and Genius

Sidgwick Hall

19th November

Peter Millican (Oxford)

What Hume Really Thought about Causation

 Sidgwick Hall

26th November

Lucy McDonald (Cambridge)

Catcalls and Accommodation

 Jane Harrison room

3rd December

Justin Snedegar (St Andrews)

How Do Reasons Compete?

 Barbara White Room

Lent Term 2020


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
21st January

Miranda Fricker (CUNY)

Williams' Naturalistic Philosophy

Jane Harrison room
28th January

Rachel Sterken (Oslo)

Authentic Speech Sidgwick Hall
4th February Robert Hopkins (NYU)

Ryleing the Irreal: sensory imagining as knowledge of perceiving

Jane Harrison room
11th February

Manuel Garcia-Carpintero (Barcelona)

How to Understand Rule-Constituted Kinds Jane Harrison room
18th February

Anne Bosse (Cambridge)

Generics in Use Jane Harrison room
25th February

Quill Rebecca Kukla (Georgetown)

Retraction, Apology, and the Pragmatics of Undoing Speech Jane Harrison room
3rd March

Beatrice Han-Pile (Essex)

'The Doing is Everything': A Middle-Voiced Reading of Agency in Nietzsche

Jane Harrison room
10th March

Ruth Chang (Oxford)

Hard Choices Jane Harrison room

Easter Term 2020


Speaker & UniversityTitle of TalkLocation
28th April

Anastasia Berg (Cambridge)

Desire: Between Action and Passion

Jane Harrison room
5th May David Plunkett (Dartmouth)

Evaluation Turned on Itself: The Vindicatory Circularity Challenge to the Conceptual Ethics of Normativity

Jane Harrison room
12th May

Christopher Peacocke (Columbia)

Two Kinds of Explanation Jane Harrison room
19th May

Ofra Magidor (Oxford)


Jane Harrison room