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Faculty of Philosophy


The Moral Sciences Club

All meetings will be held from 2.30 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. and will take place as online Zoom sessions.

Meetings are open only to those eligible for membership of the Club. Membership shall be open to any undergraduate, postgraduate student or senior member of the University. Visiting scholars and other persons may become members with the consent of the Officers.

Please read the Constitution of the Moral Sciences Club. You may also be interested in 'A short History' of the Moral Sciences Club and the minutes of recent years.

The club secretaries are Christopher Benzenberg, Emma Curran, Sofía Meléndez-Gutiérrez and Wouter Cohen.  To contact the Moral Sciences Club email  Join the MSC mailing list to make and receive postings to the list.

Listen and subscribe to the Moral Sciences Club podcasts on iTunes U or via RSS feed.

Please note some titles are provisional.

Michaelmas Term 2020


Speaker & University Title of Talk
13th October

Kwame Anthony Appiah (NYU)

The Philosophy of Work

20th October

Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth)

Should Ontology be Explanatory?

27th October

Sally Haslanger (MIT)

Political Epistemology and Social Critique

3rd November

Stephen Yablo (MIT)

How and Why to be Logically Non-Omniscient

10th November

Roxane Noël (Wolfson College, Cambridge)

The Legacy of Peter Abelard in Twelfth-Century Logic
17th November

Hartry Field (NYU)

Naive Properties
24th November

Caspar Hare (MIT)

Pleasing the Crowd Within
1st December

Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham)

Delusion and Identity

Lent Term 2021


Speaker & University Title of Talk
26th January

Zoe Walker (Pembroke College, Cambridge)

A Sensibility of Humour

2nd February

Lucy Allais (Witwatersrand)

Freedom and Autonomy in Kant
9th February

Justin Snedegar (St Andrews)

Hypocrisy and Blame

16th February

David Plunkett (Dartmouth) and Tristram McPherson (Ohio State)

Topic Continuity in Conceptual Ethics and Beyond
23rd February

Alexander Bird (St John's College, Cambridge)

Against Empiricism
2nd March

Cian Dorr (NYU)

Plural Signification and Semantic Paradox
9th March

Alexander Horne (Trinity College, Cambridge)

You can run, but you cannot hide: social norms and social

16th March

Helen Frowe (Stockholm)

Refugee Discrimination and Offsetting the Costs of Rescue

Easter Term 2021


Speaker & University Title of Talk
4th May

Joe Horton (UCL)

New and Improvable Lives

11th May Lucy McDonald (St John’s College, Cambridge) 

Policing Speech

18th May

Ralf Bader (Fribourg)

Partial Comparability
25th May

Nancy Cartwright (Durham/San Diego)

Mechanisms and ceteris paribus laws