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Faculty of Philosophy


Green Team Events

Upcoming Events:

Photography Competition for Faculty of Philosophy undergraduates: 'Time for Nature'. Be as creative with this topic as you wish: choose to highlight the beauty of nature or to show man's intrusion on the natural world; raise awareness of an issue such as plastic waste in nature or show the diversity of plant life in your local area; focus on forests, rivers, oceans and soils, animals, birds, insects and people; play on the word 'time' or the word 'nature'; explore wide vistas or zoom right in on a subject; capture mist early in the morning or raindrops hitting the ground ...  The deadline is Monday 15th May, the winner will get a £25 Love Cambridge voucher and the top three images will be displayed in the Faculty. See the competition rules and guidelines for more info.


Past Events:

World Water Day Diary Challenge! On 22nd March, World Water Day, we challenge you (and where possible your family too) to write down all the water you use or consume during the course of one day. Everything from having a shower to filling the kettle, doing the washing up to watering the plants. It will be an eye-opener! Let us know how you get on and if you have any tips on how to save water as a result.

Try Vegan food tasting session for staff on Monday 13th March in the Old Library Common Room. Come and join us for a vegan food tasting session at lunchtime. Bring a vegan dish with you for everyone to try.

Faculty of Philosophy 'Windowsill Challenge': Last summer, Ellen decided to see if she could grow tomatoes and strawberries on her windowsill. After great success, growing plants in the Faculty Office became a challenge for the administrative staff! In the meantime, this challenge has flourished and expanded, so that staff members are now growing and potting-on plants for the Faculty Common Room for the future enjoyment of students and staff. In addition, the Faculty Administrator has planted up 2 large planters at either side of our main entrance to welcome staff and students to the building.




Christmas bauble stringing on Thursday, 19th November, 1pm: Faculty staff are invited to help string Christmas baubles and decorations to decorate the Old Library Common Room for the enjoyment of students and staff. All baubles and decorations are pre-loved, second-hand, or home made.

Wednesday Walk for Part IB and Part II - 26th October 2022, 12pm: Come and join us for a walk at Lammas Land with tea and coffee before and after in the Faculty. Meet in the Faculty at 12pm.


The University's Environment and Energy Team hold a number of events open to staff and students. Details can be found here.