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Teaching & Research Staff

Permanent Teaching Staff
Research Fellows
Affiliated Lecturers
Temporary Teaching Staff
Emeritus Professors

Permanent Teaching Staff

Dr Arif Ahmed
University Reader

Logic, Epistemology and Metaphysics


Dr Angela Breitenbach
University Lecturer

Kant, Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics

On research leave from 1/7/2015 to 30/6/2018 [Pro Futura Scientia Fellowship]

Dr Tim Button
University Senior Lecturer

Metaphysics, Philosophy of mathematics and philosophical logic

On research leave from 1/10/2015 to 30/9/2017 [Philip Leverhulme Prize]

Dr Clare Chambers
University Senior Lecturer

Political Philosophy
Dr Tom Dougherty
University Lecturer


Ethics, Political Philosophy

On 80% research leave from 1/10/2016 to 30/9/2018 [funded by the AHRC]. Away during ET 2017.

Professor Richard Holton
Professor of Philosophy

Moral Psychology, Ethics, Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Language

Professor Rae Langton
Knightbridge Professor of Philosophy
Chair of the Faculty

History of Philosophy, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics and Feminist Philosophy

Professor Alex Oliver
Professor of Philosophy

Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics

On research leave from 25/04/17 to 16/06/17.

Professor Michael Potter
Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophical Logic, History of Analytic Philosophy

On research leave from 25/04/17 to 16/06/17.

Professor Huw Price
Bertrand Russell Professor

Pragmatism, Philosophy of Physics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language

On leave from 1/10/2016 to 30/9/2017 (Research leave MT2016, ET2017, sabbatical leave LT2017) [Funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Leverhulme Trust]

Dr Paulina Sliwa
University Lecturer
Ethics, Epistemology


Research Fellows 

Dr Ori Beck
Junior Research Fellow
Christ's College

Philosophy of Perception and Mind

Ali Boyle
Junior Research Fellow
Trinity Hall

Philosophy of Mind and Psychology

Dr Jeremy Butterfield    
Senior Research Fellow     
Trinity College

Philosophy of Physics

Dr Dragos Calma
Newton International Research Fellow funded by the British Academy (also at Clare College)

Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

Dr Stephen Cave
Senior Research Associate
Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence

Applied ethics, ontology, philosophy of technology

Dr Rachel Fraser
Junior Research Fellow

Epistemology, Language, Feminist Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion

Dr Michael Gabbay
Research Fellow funded by International Federation of Computational Logic

Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics

Alexander Greenberg
Research Associate and Project Manager funded by Templeton Foundation

Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics

Dr Remco Heesen
Leverhulme Early(with matched funding from the Isaac Newton Trust)

Philosophy of Science, Social Epistemology, Formal Epistemology, Rational Choice Theory

Dr Yang Liu
Junior Research Fellow
St Edmund's College

Logic, Philosophy of Probability, Rational Choice

Professor John Marenbon
Senior Research Fellow
Trinity College

Medieval Philosophy

Dr Brian Pitts
Senior Research Associate

Philosophy of Physics

Carlo Rossi
International Postdoctoral Research Fellow (funded by the Chilean Research Council)

Persistence, temporary intrinsics & spacetime relativity

Dr Bernard Salow
Junior Research Fellow
Trinity College

Epistemology, Philosophy of Language

Dr Thomas Schindler
Junior Research Fellow
Clare College

Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mathematics

Dr Vid Simoniti
Research Fellow
Churchill College

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Dr Henry Taylor
Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow (with matched funding from the Isaac Newton Trust)

Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Psychology


Affiliated Lecturers

Dr Lubomira Radoilska
Affiliated Lecturer

Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy


Dr Chris Thompson   
Affiliated Lecturer

Political Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Public Policy


Dr Marina Frasca-Spada
Affiliated Lecturer


History of early modern philosophy
Dr Frisbee Sheffield
Affiliated Lecturer
Ancient philosophy including ancient ethics


Temporary Teaching Staff

Dr Dan Brigham
College Lecturer,
Downing College,

Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, History of Analytic Philosophy
Dr John Filling

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Hegel, Marx

Dr Louise Hanson
Chandaria Fellow,
Fitzwilliam College,
Churchill College

Aesthetics, Metaethics, Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics, and Epistemology

Dr Nakul Krishna

Ethics, History of Philosophy (esp ancient Greek, 19th century)

Dr Maarten Steenhagen

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Perception, Aesthetics, History of 20th Century Philosophy

Dr Rob Watt
Teaching Associate


Ethics, Political Philosophy, the Philosophy of Kant


Emeritus Professors

Professor Simon Blackburn
Emeritus Professor

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Psychology

Professor Raymond Geuss
Professor of Philosophy

Political and Social Thought, Aesthetics

Professor Jane Heal
Professor in Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

Professor D.H. Mellor
Emeritus Professor

Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind

Professor Onora O'Neill
Emeritus Honorary Professor

Immanuel Kant, Political Philosophy, Ethics: Obligations and Rights; Justice and Virtues, Bioethics
Professor T.J. Smiley
Emeritus Professor
Logic, Philosophical Logic, Aristotle