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Faculty of Philosophy


Aims and Objectives 

The aims of the Faculty's Undergraduate Teaching Programme are as follows:

·      To provide a high-quality education that encourages deep, critical engagement with a range of issues in Western philosophy.

·      To provide an education that is informed and invigorated by current research.

·      To develop qualities of mind and intellectual skills that will enable students to make a significant contribution in their subsequent careers.

·      To contribute towards providing the academic teachers and researchers of the future.

·      To continue to attract outstanding students.

·      To provide, in co-operation with the Colleges, an integrated system of learning and teaching that can be tailored to the differing backgrounds, abilities and needs of individual students.

·      To provide intellectual stimulation for students and to give them the opportunity to develop their philosophical enthusiasms to the best of their potential.


During their programme as a whole, students should have:

·      Acquired the ability to analyse, criticise and construct arguments.

·      Learned to express themselves clearly and precisely, both orally and in writing.

·      Learned to contribute constructively to discussion.

·      Acquired the ability to sustain an essay-length philosophical argument.

·      Learned to work independently and adapt to time constraints.