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Faculty of Philosophy


Philosophy Library Shelves

The Faculty reading lists are available from the Reading List Online (RLO) platform. See the RLO LibGuide for more information. 

To access scans of book chapters and extracts you will need to log into Moodle using your Raven login and click on the Reading List link from there.  PDFs of reading lists are also available to download from each Moodle course.

Instructions for creating a printable reading list are included in the RLO LibGuide. Scroll down to 'Exporting a reading list to a bibliography'. You can export the whole list or just the particular section you need.  

If you have any difficulties finding or accessing any readings you need or navigating RLO please email and we'll do our very best to help. 

Paper 1  Knowledge, Language and World 2021-22 (Compulsory) [updated 29 September 2021]

Paper 2  History of Analytic Philosophy 2021-22 [updated 29 September 2021]

Paper 3  Ethics 2021-22 [updated 29 September 2021]

Paper 4  Greek and Roman Philosophy (borrowed from the Classics Tripos)

Paper 5  Early Modern Philosophy 2021-22 [updated 29 September 2021]

Paper 6  Epistemology and Metaphysics of Science (borrowed from the Natural Sciences Tripos)

Paper 7  Political Philosophy 2021-22 [updated 29 September 2021]

Paper 8  Experimental Psychology (borrowed from the Natural Sciences Tripos)

Paper 9 Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art 2021-22 [updated 29 September 2021]