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Faculty of Philosophy


Philosophy Library Shelves


The Faculty reading lists are available from the Reading List Online (RLO) platform using the links below. See the RLO LibGuide for more information. 

They are also available from each Moodle course page (Raven login required) where you will also find shorter sublists for the key topics covered.

Word and PDF versions of reading lists are also available to download from the main Faculty Reading Lists page (Raven login required). 

If you have any difficulties finding or accessing the readings you need or navigating your reading lists please email and we'll do our very best to help. 

There are no compulsory papers at Part II of the Philosophy Tripos.

Paper 1   Metaphysics 2022-23

Paper 2   Philosophy of Mind 2022-23

Paper 3   Ethics 2022-23

Paper 4   European Philosophy from Kant 2022-23

Paper 5   Philosophy in the Long Middle Ages 2022-23

Paper 6   Philosophy of Science 2022-23

Paper 7   Mathematical Logic 2022-23

Paper 8   Philosophical Logic 2022-23

Paper 9   Wittgenstein and His Successors 2022-23

Paper 10 Political Philosophy 2022-23

Paper 14 Plato (borrowed from the Classics Tripos)

Paper 15 Aristotle's world from turtles to tragedies (borrowed from the Classics Tripos)

Paper 16 Philosophy, Politics and the Polis (borrowed from the Classics Tripos)