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PhD Course Information

PhD 2020 - 21 Arrangements

This page will be used to keep students updated with arrangements for the PhD in Philosophy in 2020-21, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. Further information on the academic year 2020-21, provided by Professor Graham Virgo, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) , is here.

Students should also consult the University's dedicated page for postgraduate research students, which includes further information about how the Coronavirus outbreak may impact students on PhD courses. This can be found here.

Please note that students who left Cambridge, and returned home, but were able to continue to work on their PhD, were asked to apply for ‘Leave to Work Away'. Updated guidance on the situations in which PhD students may make applications for Leave to Work Away from Michaelmas Term 2020 onwards are here.

PhD students who have concerns about increased susceptibility to infectious diseases (ISID) such as COVID-19, and those with disabilities that are impacted by COVID-19 related social distancing measures should see further guidance here.


Submission of PhD Theses

  • Students who are ready to submit their PhD thesis will now be asked to submit their softbound thesis via Moodle, and not to the Student Registry. Please contact the for information on how to do this.
  • Updated details on hardbound and electronic PhD submission during the Coronavirus outbreak are here.
  • Guidance on vivas taking place online is here
  • The Student Registry are aware that PhD students may need to apply for an extension to their submission date, because their work may have been impeded by the Coronavirus outbreak. It is currently recommended that you make this application about six months before your submission deadline.  Information on how to do this, and acceptable reasons for applying for an extension on grounds of COVID-19 are here.
  • Details on Graduation Ceremonies, now taking place in absence due to the Covid outbreak, are here.

Teaching in 2020-21

  • PhD students wishing to attend any Part II lectures or seminars should refer to the update on both undergraduate and MPhil teaching in the Faculty of Philosophy for 2020-21, which is here.

Financial support and Well-Being

  • Information for students in need of financial support due to the Coronavirus outbreak can be found here.
  • Wellbeing and welfare information for all students during the Coronavirus outbreak can be found here.