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Causes of Deaths of Philosophers: H to L

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D. H. Mellor

Causes of death of philosophers: H-L


Haack: Crossed out
Habermas: A discourse condition
Hacker: Lost his Witts
Hale: Reduced to logic
Hamilton: Crushed by mill
Han Feizi: Made illegal
Hare: Wrong prescription
Hart: No longer recognised
Hartshorne: Creatively synthesized
Haugeland: Entered excluded zone
Hawking: Philosophy survived
Hayek: Serfdom
Heal: Dissimulation
Hegel: Gave up the Geist
Heidegger: Not being in time
Heisenberg: Uncertain causes
Hempel: Explained away
Heraclitus: Fell in the same river twice
Hilbert: Informal causes
Hinckfuss: Fit of morality
Hintikka: Lost his normal forms
Hobbes: Nasty causes
Hobhouse: Stopped developing
Hofstadter: Holistic trap
Holton: Weakness of will
Honderich: Undetermined
Horwich: Deflated
Horstmann: Anthropopetal collapse
Hume: Committed to the flames
Husserl: Phenomenally bad luck
Huxley: Rabies


Jackson: Saw red
James, W: The will to leave
Jaspers: Essence exhausted
Jeffrey: Indecision
Johnson, S: Kicked the bucket
Joseph: Stebbing


Kamm, Frances: Hit by a trolley
Kamp: Ran out of time
Kant: Found the means to his own end
Kaplan: dthat
Katz: Decomposed
Ketland: Insubstantiated
Keynes: The long run
Kierkegaard: Sick to death
Kim: Supervened on nothing
Kitcher: Vaulting
Klein, Melanie: Split
Korsgaard: Kant tell
Koslow: Structural failure
Kripke: Dropped causal chain
Kuhn: Paradigm lost
Kyburg: Low frequency


Lacan: Lack
Lakatos: Degenerated
La Mettrie: Machination
Langer: Ran out of new keys
Langton: Objectification
Laozi: Attained utmost vacuity
Laplace: Prior arrangement
Laudan: Progressive debility
Le Catt, Bruce: Curiosity
Leibniz: Monadnucleosis
Lesniewski: De-parted
Levi: Contracted corpus
Levinas: Merged with others
Levi-Strauss: Eaten by natives
Lewis, C I: No more givens
Lewis, D: Joined his counterparts
Lewy: Outfoxed
Lipton: Unexplained
Locke: No idea
Lovejoy: Being unchained
Lloyd: Loss of bodily humours
Lucretius: Bumped off
Luther: Diet of worms
Lyotard: Post post-modernism

Updated 10 September 2019