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The Mental Sciences Club

The newly launched Mental Sciences Club will provide a hub for those interested in the philosophy of mind and cognitive sciences. The club is organized by Tom McClelland and Jessie Munton and is open  to all - not just to those specialising in philosophy of mind but to anyone interested in learning more about the area, and to those in related disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience. To join our mailing list email Tom at

Meetings are alternate Thursdays 4:00 till 5:30 p.m. and will be held on Zoom.  Please email  to join the Mental Sciences Zoom meeting.

Mental Sciences Term Card

Thursday 8th October

Jessie Munton (Philosophy)

“Perceptual Epistemology 
without Perceptual Atoms”

Thursday 22nd October

Sahanika Ratnayake (Philosophy)

"It's Been Utility All Along: An Alternate Understanding of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and The Depressive Realism Hypothesis"

Thursday November 5th

Tom McClelland  and Paulina Sliwa (Philosophy)

“Gendered Affordance Perception"
Thursday November 19th

Rune Nyrup (HPS)

 “Ethics and Epistemology of AI: on transparency and value-ladenness in AI systems”

Thursday December 5th

Katharina Zuhlsdorff (Psychology)

 “Gender bias in research and its implications in everyday life”