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Contemporary Political Thought Seminars
Political Philosophy Workshop

Political Philosophy Group Meeting


There are two Political Philosophy research seminars in the Faculty concerned with Political Philosophy: the Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought (open to all) and the Workshop in Political Philosophy (open to postgraduate students and above). They take place in alternate weeks, on Fridays at 1pm – 2.30pm.

Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought

Faculty of Philosophy and POLIS

Convenors: Prof Clare Chambers (MT) / Dr Sarah Fine (LT) (Philosophy), and Dr Rebecca Buxton (POLIS)

The seminars are held throughout Michaelmas and Lent, on Fridays in odd weeks of term, 1pm-2.30pm. Refreshments will follow the close of formal proceedings.

Location: Brewery Room, Jesus College.

These seminars will not be recorded or livestreamed.

Please wear a face mask.

Michaelmas Term 2021

8th October: Avia Pasternak (UCL)

“​​Violent Protests, Harm to Police and the Proportionality Test”

22nd October: Fiona Woollard (Southampton)
“Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby! The Metaphysics of Pregnancy and Bodily Ownership”

5th November: Helen McCabe (Nottingham)
“Forced Marriage and Modern Slavery”

19th November: Adam Swift (UCL)
“A Reductionist Account of Relationship Duties” (paper co-written with Anca Gheaus)

Lent Term 2022

21st January: Adam Etinson (St Andrews) 

“Anger and Remorse”

4th February: Gulzaar Barn (Utrecht)

18th February: Quassim Cassam (Warwick)
“Doubt as a Political Virtue”

4th March: Elizabeth Cripps (Edinburgh)
“Should we have kids in the climate emergency?”


Political Philosophy Workshop

Convenor: Prof Clare Chambers (MT) and Dr Sarah Fine (LT)

The workshop runs throughout Michaelmas and Lent, on Fridays in even weeks of term, 1pm-2.30pm.

Location: TBC – please join the mailing list.

The Workshop will not be recorded or livestreamed.

The Workshop is open to senior members and postgraduate students and is not limited to members of the Faculty of Philosophy. Papers are pre-circulated on the Workshop mailing list and must be read in advance: there is no presentation of the paper at the Workshop. To receive the pre-circulated papers, apply to join the Political Philosophy Workshop mailing list here: 

Michaelmas Term 2021

15th October: Ira Chadha-Sridhar (Law, Cambridge) 

29th October: Rae Langton (Philosophy, Cambridge)

12th November: Alex McLaughlin (CSER, Cambridge)

26th November: Andrea Sangiovanni (Philosophy, KCL)

Lent Term 2022

28th January: Lucy McDonald (Philosophy, Cambridge)

11th February: Matt Bennett (Philosophy, Essex)

25th February: Alex Horne (Philosophy, Cambridge) 

11th March: Clare Chambers (Philosophy, Cambridge)