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Contemporary Political Thought Seminars
Political Philosophy Workshop

Political Philosophy Group Meeting


There are two Political Philosophy research seminars in the Faculty concerned with Political Philosophy: the Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought (open to all) and the Workshop in Political Philosophy (open to postgraduate students and above). They take place in alternate weeks, on Fridays at 1pm – 2.30pm.

Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought
Faculty of Philosophy and POLIS

Convenors: Prof Clare Chambers (MT) / Dr Sarah Fine (LT) (Philosophy), and Prof Duncan Bell (POLIS)

The seminars are held throughout Michaelmas and Lent, on Fridays in odd weeks of term, 1pm-2.30pm. Refreshments will follow the close of formal proceedings.

Location: Harley Mason Room, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

These seminars will not be recorded or livestreamed.

Michaelmas Term 2022

Week 1 (7 Oct): “Commemorating the Dead” 
Zofia Stemplowska (University of Oxford)

Week 3 (21 Oct): “Democratic Futures: Towards a Critical Political Theory of Finance”
Steven Klein (King’s College London)

Week 5 (4 Nov): “Is Drag Morally Objectionable?”
Simon Kirchin (University of Kent)

Week 7 (18 Nov): “Decolonizing Cultural Globalization: Césaire and the Hierarchy of Creator and Consumer”
Shuk Ying Chan (University of Oxford & UCL)

Lent Term 2023

20 January 2023, 13:00-14:30:
'The Politics of Architecture: Designing a More Hospitable Welfare State'
Professor Bernardo Zacka (MIT)

03 February 2023, 13:00-14:30:
'Reparations Unbound: Dismantling Systemic Racial Injustice in the 21st Century'
Professor Lawrie Balfour (University of Virginia)

17 February 2023, 13:00-14:30:
'We Are As Gods: Eschatological Ambiguity and the Politics of Apocalyptic AI'
Professor Elke Schwarz (Queen Mary University of London)

03 March 2023, 13:00-14:30:
Professor Lori Watson (Washington University in St. Louis)


Political Philosophy Workshop

Convenor: Prof Clare Chambers (MT) and Dr Sarah Fine (LT)

The workshop runs throughout Michaelmas and Lent, on Fridays in even weeks of term, 1pm-2.30pm. However, it will be taking a brief hiatus during Michaelmas Term 2023; information about Lent Term 2024 is tbc.

Location: TBC – please join the mailing list.

The Workshop will not be recorded or livestreamed.

The Workshop is open to senior members and postgraduate students and is not limited to members of the Faculty of Philosophy. Papers are pre-circulated on the Workshop mailing list and must be read in advance: there is no presentation of the paper at the Workshop. To receive the pre-circulated papers, apply to join the Political Philosophy Workshop mailing list here:

Michaelmas Term 2022

Week 2 (14 Oct): Shai Agmon (Politics, Oxford)

Week 4 (28 Oct): Paula Keller (Philosophy, Cambridge)

Week 6 (11 Nov): Marijn Nohlmans (POLIS, Cambridge)

Week 8 (25 Nov): Amin Ebrahimi Afrouzi (visiting scholar, Yale/Berkeley)

Lent Term 2023

Week 2  (27 Jan):  Ronja Griep (Philosophy, Cambridge)

Week 4 (10 Feb): Carl Pierer (POLIS, Cambridge)

Week 6 (24 Feb):  Ilkin Huseynli (visiting scholar, Milan/Pavia/Birkbeck)

Week 8 (10 March): Karl Reimer (Political Philosophy, Zurich)