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Political Philosophy

Seminar in Contemporary Political Thought
Political Philosophy Workshop

Political Philosophy Group Meeting


Contemporary Political Thought

Research Seminar

Faculty of Philosophy and POLIS

Convenors: Dr John Filling (Philosophy) and Dr Duncan Bell (POLIS)

All seminars will be held in the Audit Room, King's College. All welcome.

The seminars are held throughout Michaelmas and Lent, on Fridays in odd weeks of term, 1pm-2.30pm. Each seminar is followed by refreshments. There are no pre-circulated papers.  Further details about the seminars can be found here.

Michaelmas Term 2019

11th October:
Emma MacKinnon (Cambridge)
'Hypocrisy and Anti-hypocrisy'

25th October:
Daniel Butt (Oxford)
'Radical Reparations'

8th November:
Desiree Weber (College of Wooster)
'Conceptual Change and Political Judgment: A Wittgensteinian Approach'

22nd November:
David Owen (Southampton)
'Justification and Vindication in Political Philosophy’

Lent Term 2020

17th January:

31st January:
Jude Browne (Cambridge)

14th February:
Colleen Murphy (Illinois)

28th February:
Jeanne Morefield (Birmingham)

Political Philosophy Workshop

Convenor: Dr John Filling

The Political Philosophy Workshop is a forum for discussing work in progress by political philosophers/theorists based in Cambridge.

Papers are pre-circulated on the Workshop mailing list and must be read in advance: there is no presentation of the paper at the Workshop. To receive the pre-circulated papers, apply to join the Political Philosophy Workshop mailing list at 

The Workshop is open to senior members and postgraduate students and is not limited to members of the Faculty of Philosophy. PhD students may present a paper; MPhil students may attend, but may not present.

The workshop is held in the 
Board Room of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sidgwick Site, throughout Michaelmas and Lent, on Fridays in even weeks of term, 1pm-2.30pm.

Michaelmas Term 2019

18th October:
Clare Chambers (Philosophy, Cambridge)

1st November:
John Filling (Philosophy, Cambridge)

15th November:
Maeve McKeown (Philosophy, Cambridge)

29th November:
Alex Horne (Philosophy, Cambridge)

Lent Term 2020

24th January:
Emma Curran (Philosophy, Cambridge)

7th February:

21st February:

6th March: