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Faculty of Philosophy

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Academic Visitors

The Faculty is temporarily suspending this scheme until further notice, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are sorry that we are not able to consider applications at this time. Information will be published on this webpage when we are able to re-open the scheme again.

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Accounts Accessible Documents Checklist Video conferencing accessibility assessment document Health and Safety Safety Policy Risk Assessment form for Low Risk W orking Away and C onferences Risk Assessment form for Low Risk W orking Away and Conferences REF2021

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Cambridge Women Philosophers

Before the end of the 19 th century, Cambridge University, like all institutions of higher education, was closed to women. The few women who studied philosophy were usually from aristocratratic families and were privately or self-educated. They corresponded with, or met and discussed their ideas...

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Historical Perspective Any account of Philosophy in Cambridge must emphasise the work of at least three philosophers — Bertrand Russell, G E Moore, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. These three transformed the discipline of philosophy during the first half of the last century and made Cambridge the most...

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How to find us

The Faculty is located in the Raised Faculty Building in Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA . The Sidgwick Site is about 10 minutes walk from the centre of Cambridge. Maps Driving and Park & Ride Buses and Park & Ride Taxis Rail Coach Air More Information View Larger Map Maps The Sidgwick...

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Information Technology

Falcon on Drupal User Guide Philosophy IT Service Catalogue ( This provides IT service information to support teaching, learning, research and administration in the Faculty) School of Arts & Humanities IT Service Catalogue (Here you will find school wide services including Lecture Block IT...

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Applications are invited for the Bertrand Russell Professorship of Philosophy Click here for further information and details of how to apply. The deadline for applications is Friday 18th October 2019 (midnight UK time). (Published 11th July 2019.) --> Applications are invited for two permanent...

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Cambridge Greats

All the links to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy are only available within the domain. Bertrand Russell [also a useful entry in Stanford on-line encyclopedia, with further links] F. P. Ramsey [also link to BBC progamme on Ramsey and his philosophy] Ludwig Wittgenstein Other past...

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In 2004 the Philosophy Faculty published the first of an annual series of Newsletters, PDF files of which are available online: 2020 Newsletter 2019 Newsletter 2017 Newsletter 2016 Newsletter 2015 Newsletter 2014 Newsletter 2013 Newsletter 2012 Newsletter 2011 Newsletter 2010 Newsletter 2009...

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Rubbish collected from Sidgwick site

Philosophy Green Team

The Philosophy Green Team The Philosophy Faculty is committed to reducing its environmental impact. We have a Green Team who are working hard to raise awareness of environmental issues, and we hope that everyone in the Faculty will join us to do their bit to help make a real improvement to our...

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Privacy Policy Philosophy Web Applications System

Introduction This page explains what personal information we gather when you visit the specific website within the University of Cambridge domain called Philosophy Website Applications System at the web address: Who will process my personal information? The...

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Welfare for Students

The information and links on this page have been gathered together to provide students with a one-stop-shop for all matters concerned with welfare. This is in addition to the University pages for student well-being here: On this page students will find...

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Philosophy at Cambridge 16 Newsletter 2020

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In Memoriam Judith Jarvis Thomson