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Faculty of Philosophy


The University offers access to an extensive number of electronic books, which can be searched, printed and downloaded (subject to the usual copyright restrictions).  Electronic notes and bookmarks can be made by creating a personal account.

 More information about ebooks can be found on the Cambridge ebooks Libguide

Finding ebooks

  • The majority of ebooks can be found via iDiscover. Look for 'electronic resource' or 'electronic book' next to the title.
  • The library has a Pinterest board which showcases new Philosophy ebooks.

Main ebook collections for philosophy

A short guide to finding philosophy ebooks is available. A Raven username and password is required to access ebooks off campus.

Cambridge Core  Philosophy Very Short Introductions logo Oxford Scholarly editions
 Works of Wittgenstein, Hume, Hegel and Nietzsche OHO Oxford Reference Online

Routledge Handbooks Online

Selected open access philosophy ebooks

Selected free philosophy ebooks and online texts

Selected free writings by philosopher

  • David Hume The web site, provides a free collection of almost everything written by David Hume. Includes bibliographies and links to Hume scholarship on the web.
  • Marx and Engels Index of their significant works.
  • Nietzsche's Features Downloadable works of Nietzsche, with a biography and bibliography.
  • Plato Free access to the works of Plato translated by Benjamin Jowett.
  • Wittgenstein Source Free access to Wittgenstein texts including the Bergen Facsimile Edition, and the Bergen Text Edition of 5000 pages of Wittgenstein's Nachlass.