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Pablo Hubacher has won the 2022 DGPPN prize for Philosophy and Ethics in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy for his paper "Is OCD epistemically irrational?" For further information see:

DGPPN award this annual prize "in recognition for commitment to the philosophy and ethics of psychiatry and psychotherapy"

For the prize listing see in the section "DGPPN-Preis für Philosophie und Ethik in Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie". Click on the red arrow in the "Chronik der Preisträger" section beneath that.

A short summary of the paper is shown below:

Is obsessive-compulsive disorder irrational? Current practice holds that OCD is characterised by irrational beliefs. However, for a specific class of cases in which OCD relates to one’s desires and motives, an objective basis for any judgement of irrationality is hard to come by. With reference to newer work in epistemology, I argue that some individuals who experience OCD are not irrational—at least not in any established sense of “epistemically irrational”. Rather, it seems that those individuals suffer from an excess of rationality as opposed to a lack of it.

The full paper can be found here: