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R. B. Braithwaite festschrift edited by D. H. Mellor

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D. H. Mellor

Picture of R B Braithwaite

Braithwaite at the 1952 Joint Session

Science, Belief and Behaviour

Essays in Honour of R. B. Braithwaite

Edited by D. H. Mellor

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1980, pp. xii+227
ISBN: 0 521 22960 X


1 Neo-transcendental approaches towards scientific theory appraisal
Gerd Buchdahl
2 The possibility of absolutism
Nick Jardine
3 Science and the organisation of belief
S. Körner
4 Braithwaite and Kuhn: analogy-clusters within and without
hypothetico-deductive systems in science
Margaret Masterman
5 A revised regularity view of scientific laws
Mary Hesse
6 Necessities and universals in natural laws
D. H. Mellor
7 Induction as self-correcting according to Peirce
Isaac Levi
8 Statistical statements: their meaning, acceptance and
Henry E. Kyburg, Jr
10 How is it reasonable to base preferences on estimates of
R. C. Jeffrey
11 Use of Bayesian probability models in game theory
John C. Harsanyi
12 Welfare, rights and fairness
Frederic Schick

Bibliography of the philosophical writings of R. B. Braithwaite.

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