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Causes of Deaths of Philosophers: A to C

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D. H. Mellor

Causes of death of philosophers: A-C


Abelard: Nun
Acton: Corrupt causes
Adler: Inferiority complex
Adorno: Bad frankfurter
Ahmed: Supernatural causes
Albert: Undermind
Altham: Logical pluracy
Althusser: Became history without a subject
Anaxagoras: Burned up
Anaximander: Infinite causes
Anaximenes: Evaporated
Anscombe: By intention
Anselm: Than which no deadlier can be conceived
Arendt: The human condition
Arnold: Drowned on Dover beach
Aquinas: Last causes
Aristotle: Excessive moderation
Armstrong: Indisposed
Arrow: Voted out
Audi: Durch Technik
Augustine: Hippo
Austin: Executionary act
Ayer: Unverifiable


Bacon, F: Hit by idol in market place
Bach, Kent: Ceased to be the only bearer of his name
Bacon, J: De trope
Barwise: Bad situation
Belnap: Became irrelevant
Benacerraf: Number was up
Bennett: Taking the consequences
Bentham: Fell off his stilts
Bergson: Elan mortel
Berkeley: Divine neglect
Berlin: Encountered one big thing
Bird: Birdlime (unnatural kind)
Bishop: Translation
Blanshard: End necessitated by system
Blackburn: Became quasi-real
Block: Trouble with bodily function
Boole: Became inverted
Bosanquet: Unqualified judgment
Bradley: Absolutely everything
Brandom: Made implicit
Bratman: As planned
Brown, Harvey: Suffocation
Burge: Something like arthritis
Buridan: Asinine starvation
Buber: Unfortunate encounter
Burke: Sublimated
Button: Unlimited reality


Caird, Edward: Heart attack on head
Calvin: Predestined
Campbell, K: Epiphenomenal causes
Camus: Found exit
Cantor: Set aside
Carnap: Left the material mode
Cartwright, Nancy: Incapacitated
Cartwright, Richard: Satisfied negative existential
Cassirer: Symbolic causes
Castaneda: Indexical self-disguise
Cato the Elder: Delendus
Cavell: Unacknowledgement
Chalmers: Too hard a problem
Chisholm: Lost his foundations
Chomsky: Degenerative transformation
Church: Recursive causes
Churchland(s): Eliminated
Cicero: Indecision
Coady: No telling
Cohen, G: Missed the marks
Colburn: Heteronomy
Collingwood: Entered history
Comte: Went negative
Condorcet: Improbable jury
Confucius: Lost his way
Copernicus: Revolution
Cournot: Became too improbable
Craig, E: Work of God
Crane: Thoughtlessness
Cresswell: Outmoded

Updated 10 September 20196