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Essays on F. P. Ramsey edited by D. H. Mellor

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Cover of Prospects for Pragmatism

Prospects for Pragmatism

Essays in Memory of F. P. Ramsey

Edited by D. H. Mellor

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1980, pp. xiii+261

Frank Ramsey (1903-1930) was the greatest of all the remarkable philosophers working in Cambridge University in the first half of the twentieth century. In his short life, besides producing seminal work in philosophy, particularly in logic, metaphysics and the philosophy of mind and language, Ramsey created modern decision theory and new branches of mathematics and economics. The papers in this volume, all published here for the first time, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Ramsey's death, show how important and influential his work remains.


1 Is truth flat or bumpy?
Susan Haack
2 Ramsey's theory of types: suggestions for a return to Fregean sources
Charles S. Chihara
3 Ramsey's theory of belief and truth
Brian Loar
4 Ramsey on belief
John Skorupski
5 Inference, partial belief and psychological laws
Christopher Hookway
6 Higher order degrees of belief
Brian Skyrms
7 Consciousness and degrees of belief
D. H. Mellor
8 Opinions and chances
Simon Blackburn
9 Ramsey, reliability and knowledge
Richard E. Grandy
10 The problem of natural laws
L. Jonathan Cohen
11 Hamilton's method in geometrical optics and Ramsey's view of theories
Jerzy Giedymin

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