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Faculty of Philosophy


Mathematical Knowledge

Oxford University Press, 2007MK image

Mathematical KnowledgeHardback £34.00 ISBN 0-19-922824-8

What is the nature of mathematical knowledge? Is it anything like scientific knowledge or is it sui generis? How do we acquire it? Should we believe what mathematicians themselves tell us about it? Are mathematical concepts innate or acquired? Eight new essays offer answers to these and many other questions. Written by some of the world's leading philosophers of mathematics, psychologists, and mathematicians, Mathematical Knowledge gives a lively sense of the current state of debate in this fascinating field.


  1. Mary Leng: Introduction
  2. Michael Potter: What is the problem of mathematical knowledge?
  3. Tim Gowers: Mathematics, memory, and mental arithmetic
  4. Alan Baker: Is there a problem of induction for mathematics?
  5. Marinella Cappelletti and Valeria Giardino: The cognitive basis of mathematical knowledge
  6. Mary Leng: What's there to know? A fictionalist account of mathematical knowledge
  7. Mark Colyvan: Mathematical recreation versus mathematical knowledge
  8. Alexander Paseau: Scientific platonism
  9. Crispin Wright: On quantifying into predicate position: Steps towards a (new)tralist position