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The Serious Metaphysics Group (SMG) is currently run by Marcus Ackermann ( and Alexander Bird (

The Serious Metaphysics Group was founded last millennium by Hugh Mellor.  It is somewhat mis-named, since it is neither especially serious nor does it focus exclusively on metaphysics.  (For Mellor ‘serious metaphysics’ takes metaphysics seriously as a subject matter and does not regard metaphysical truths merely as, for example, shadows of grammar.)   The Serious Metaphysics Group functions as a slightly more intimate and relaxed version of the Moral Sciences Club, generally on topics in theoretical philosophy, broadly construed (metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, logic, epistemology, philosophy of science, etc.). We often invite current graduate students to present, so it is a good opportunity along with the graduate seminar, to present work-in-progress and receive feedback. Like Moral Sciences, it is run by a graduate student or two each year, so it is also an opportunity to get involved in putting together a speaker series, inviting some of the people (at least those based in the UK) whose work you're interested in and getting to talk to them about it.

See below for upcoming talks.  Abstracts are below the list of talks.

Meetings normally run from 16.00 until 17.30 on Thursdays, with some exceptions noted below.  Please note that when the meetings take place in the Old Divinity School, St John’s College, it is important to arrive in good time (otherwise you may not gain access to the building).


Lent Term 2024.

  • Date: Thursday, 25 January

Speaker: Chris Oldfield (Cambridge)

Time and location: 4:30pm-6pm, Old Divinity School Teaching Room 1 (St. John’s College)

Title: “Mereology Naturalized? Not Yet”



  • Date: Thursday, 8 February 2024

Speaker: Will Hornett (Cambridge)

Time and location: 4:30pm-6pm, Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Philosophy

Title: “Perceptual Capacities and the ‘Mosaic of Sensations’”



  • Date: Thursday, 15 February 2024

Speaker: Chiara Martini (Cambridge)

Time and location: 5pm-6:30pm, Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Philosophy

Title: “Solving Some Problems in Aristotle’s Philosophy of Geometry”



  • Date: Thursday, 22 February 2024

Speaker: Helene Scott-Fordsmand (Cambridge)

Time and location: 5pm-6:30pm, Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Philosophy

Title: tbd

Abstract: tbd



  • *CANCELLED * Date: Thursday, 29 February 2024 *CANCELLED*

Speaker: Henrik Sherling (Cambridge)

Time and location: 5pm-6:30pm, Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Philosophy

Title: tbd

Abstract: tbd


  • Date: Thursday, 7 March 2024

Speaker: Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge)

Time and location: 5pm-6:30pm, Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Philosophy

Title: tbd

Abstract: tbd


  • Date: Thursday, 14 March 2024

Speaker: Kamil Majcherek (Cambridge)

Time and location: 4pm-5:30pm, Faculty Board Room, Faculty of Philosophy

Title: tbd

Abstract: tbd



Michaelmas Term 2023                             

Th 5 October   Alexander Bird

            Faculty Board Room, Faulty of Philosophy

            “Naturalized Knowledge-First and the Epistemology of Groups”        

Th 12 October    Nathan Cofnas

            Teaching Room 1, Old Divinity School, St John’s College

            Start time 16.30

            “Is Evolution Directed?”

Th 19 October    Robert Northcott  (Birkbeck)

            Teaching Room 1, Old Divinity School, St John’s College

“Science for a fragile world”

Th 26 October   Milena Ivanova  (HPS)

            Teaching Room 2, Old Divinity School, St John’s College

            “What Makes an Experiment Beautiful?”

Th 2 November   TBC

Th 9 November    Christopher Masterman

            Teaching Room 1, Old Divinity School, St John’s College

            Start time 16.30

Th 16 November  Sophie Dandelet

            Teaching Room 1, Old Divinity School, St John’s College

Th 23 November  Michael Potter

            Teaching Room 1, Old Divinity School, St John’s College

Th 30 November  Daniel Andler

            Faculty Board Room, Faulty of Philosophy


Alexander Bird

Naturalized Knowledge-First and the Epistemology of Groups”

On the basis of a naturalized approach to knowledge-first epistemology, this paper makes a case for a knowledge-first account of the epistemology of groups.  It then contrasts this with Jennifer Lackey's (2021) account of group epistemology.

Nathan Cofnas

“Is Evolution Directed?”

I argue that evolution is undirected, and that this has implications for how natural selection is conceived.

Robert Northcott

“Science for a fragile world”

Imagine two worlds. In one, causal relations and mechanisms hold reliably across many cases; laws are unchanging. In the second world, by contrast, these things are fragile, holding only unreliably: just because one thing causes another over there doesn’t mean that it causes it over here. Much of our world is like the second world. I will discuss some consequences of this.

Milena Ivanova

“What Makes an Experiment Beautiful?”

Scientific products are often celebrated for their aesthetic dimension and compared to works of art. Scientists themselves, like artists, are praised for their creativity, originality and aesthetic sensibility. In this talk I explore the aesthetic dimension of scientific experiments, from experiments performed in the early years of the Royal Society, to contemporary experiments involving complex technologies and set ups, and ask: what makes an experiment beautiful? By focusing on historical case studies as well as qualitative data collected from interviewing over 200 contemporary scientists, I identify what is aesthetically valued in the lab and what role beauty plays in experimental practice.


Recent SMG Termcards

Easter 2023 Termcard

27 April Farbod Akhlaghi (Cambridge)

Grounding and the Naturalism/Non-Naturalism Debate in Meta-Ethics


4 May

No meeting



11 May

Adham El Shazly (Cambridge) 

Communicating Understanding



18 May Nadia ben Hassine (Cambridge)

Finding Better Meanings: The Argument from Many Alternatives


25 May Marcus Ackermann (Cambridge)

A B-theoretical ‘metaphysical indeterminacy’- account of the open future


1 June

Neil McDonnell (Glasgow)

Causation in the Privileged Context


Monday 5 June (16.00) Finnur Dellsén (University of Iceland) and James Norton (University of Iceland, University of Sydney)

Understanding Philosophical Progress



Lent 2023 Termcard

19 January Marta Halina (Cambridge)

Folk Psychology and Scientific Understanding


26 January

Will Hornett (Cambridge)

Forms of Agency


2 February

David Sosa (University of Texas, Austin)

Getting Closure on the Sorites


9 February Cancelled - strike action  
16 February Cancelled - strike action


23 February

Julian Nida-Rümelin (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)

Cooperation and structural rationality


2 March

Alice Harberd (UCL)

Insight in Art: a balancing act


9 March

Anneli Jefferson (Cardiff)

The problem with accounts of blame



Michaelmas 2022 Termcard

6 October Neil Dewar (Cambridge)

Probability De Dicto and De Re


13 October

Alexander Bird (Cambridge)

Evidentialism, Justification, and Knowledge-First


20 October

Sandra Lindblom (Cambridge)

Cause Equals Effect


27 October Paul Hoyningen-Huene (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

Objectivity, Value-Free Science, and Inductive Risk


3 November

Cecily Whiteley (Cambridge)

Natural Kinds of Sleep Experience


10 November

Emily Caddick Bourne (Manchester)

How it can be that a quasi-miracle would not happen, but might, and does



17 November

Louise Antony (University of Massachusetts)

Against Amelioration, or, Don't Call a Conceptual Engineer Without Talking to Me First


24 November

Cancelled - strike action

- -


Easter 2022 Termcard

11 May

Adham El Shazly (Cambridge) 

 Noetic understanding

18 May

Ina Jäntgen (Cambridge) 

How to measure effect sizes for rational decision-making

25 May

 Andreas Hüttemann (Cologne)

Modal aspects of laws and models

01 June

Brian Hedden (ANU)

Counterfactual decision theory

Lent 2022 Termcard

26 January Benjamin Marschall (Cambridge) and Wouter Cohen (Cambridge)  Would Carnap Have Tolerated Sider?

2 February

No meeting


9 February

Alex Fisher (Cambridge)

Millianism and Empty Names

16 February

Jonathan Knowles (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Anti-representationalism without expressivism

23 February Mark Jago  (Nottingham) 

Metaphysical Structure

2 March

Nadine Elzein (Warwick)

Time Travel and Failed Assassination Attempts
9 March 

Ian Rumfitt (Oxford) 

Meaning and Speech Acts
16 March

Joaquim Giannotti (Birmingham)

Brutalism: Moderate and Radical

Michaelmas 2021 Termcard

13 October

Alex Moran (Oxford)

Ground physicalism and contingent metaphysical laws

20 October

Aiden Woodcock (Cambridge) 

A Rejoinder to Pettigrew's Argument for Symmetry

27 October

No meeting


3 November

Wolfgang Schwarz (Edinburgh)

Believing without evidence

10 November

Anna Mahtani (LSE)

Contextualism and Awareness Growth

17 November François Recanati (Collège de France) Shared Modes of Presentation?
24 November Johannes Wagner (Cambridge)  Spinoza's Essentialism: Platonic Forms of Singular Things
1 December No meeting  

Easter 2021 Termcard

05 May (week 1)

Thomas Hofweber (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Inescapable Concepts

19 May (week 3)

Boris Kment (Princeton)

Ground and paradox

02 June (week 5)

Dee Payton (Rutgers)

The ways we are

16 June (week 7)

Annina Loets (Humboldt Berlin)

Simple and Strong? Plenitude Costed

Lent 2021 Termcard

27 January (week 1)

Jessica Leech (KCL)

Relative necessity redefended

3 February (week 2)

Wouter Cohen (Cambridge)

Frege on existence

10 February (week 3)

Thomas Schindler (Bristol)

Deflationary theories of properties and their ontology

17 February (week 4)



24 February (week 5)

Sofía Meléndez-Gutiérrez (Cambridge)

Reference, instantiation, and the ontology of fictional entities

3 March (week 6) Jessica Wilson (Toronto)

Identity and relative fundamentality

10 March (week 7)

Sophie Allen (Keele)

 Problems with the merely possible: actualism, naturalism and unmanifested dispositions

17 March  (week 8)

Dolf Rami (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) Discriminating views of existence: two overlooked varieties

Michaelmas 2020 Termcard

14 October (week 1)

No Meeting


21 October (week 2)

Owen Griffiths (Cambridge)

The collapse of logical pluralism

28 October (week 3)

Mat Simpson (Cambridge)

Universal generalisations and belief causation

4 November (week 4)

Benjamin Marschall (Cambridge) 

Quine on ontology and the primacy of truth

11 November (week 5)

Tim Button (UCL)

Metaphysicians hate this one simple trick for avoiding universals, but they can't stop you using it!

18 November (week 6) Barbara Vetter 
(Freie Universität Berlin)

Essence, potentiality, and modality


25 November (week 7)

Alex Fisher (Cambridge)

 Truth in interactive fiction 


Lent 2020 Termcard

January 22nd (week 1)

Lukas Skiba (Hamburg)

'From Higher-Order Modal Logic to Necessitism?’

January 29th (week 2)

Emanuel Viebahn (HU Berlin)

'Insincerity in Linguistic and Pictorial Communication’

February 5th (week 3)

Matt Farr (Cambridge)

'Do we need to explain initial conditions?’

February 12th (week 4)

Alexander Roberts (Cambridge)

‘Theories of Necessity'

February 19th (week 5)

James Cargile (Virginia)

‘Russell’s Paradox’

February 26th (week 6)


Ben Brast-Mckie (Oxford)



‘Identity and Aboutness’

March 4th (week 7)


Annina Loets (Oxford)



'Aspect Theories of Qualification’

March 11th (week 8)


Owen Griffiths (Cambridge)



'The Collapse of Logical Pluralism’

Michaelmas 2019 Termcard

October 16th (week 1)

Hugh Mellor (Cambridge)

The True Causes and Effects

October 23rd (week 2)

Bryan Roberts (LSE)

Causation when time unfolds in the wrong direction

October 30th (week 3)

Hasok Chang (Cambridge)

The Pragmatic Meaning of Reality [Time and room change: 3-4:30pm, Postgraduate Common Room]

November 6th (week 4)


Roland Krause (HU Berlin)

Wittgenstein's verification of verificationionism

November 13th (week 5)

Kenny Walden (Dartmouth)


November 20th (week 6)

Tom McClelland (Cambridge)

Attention & Attendabilia: An Affordance Theory of Salience

November 27th (week 7)



December 4th (week 8)



Easter 2019 Termcard

1st May

Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (Professor University of Oxford)

On a certain conception of metaphysical necessity

8th May

Andrew Sepielli
(Assoc. Professor University of Toronto)

On the Superficiality of Normative Ethics

15th May

Peter van Inwagen
(Professor Notre Dame)

Two Problems for a Truth-centered Ontology

22nd May


Matthew Kramer
(Professor Cambridge University)

On the Mind-Independence of Legal Norms

29th May

Aaron Hanlon (Associate Professor at Colby College)

Literary Studies Needs an Epistemology, and Philosophy Can Help

5th June

Sahanika Ratnayake (Cambridge PhD student)

How Should We Understand 'The Shoulds'?: Contemporary Psychotherapy and Normative


12th June

Wesley Wrigley
(PhD student at Cambridge)

Is the concept natural number vague?

Lent 2019 Termcard

23rd January

Hugh Mellor (Cambridge) and
Prof. Richard Bradley (London School of Economics)

Conditionals: Truth and Safety

30th January

David Oderberg
Reading University)

Evil, Negative Being, and Truthmakers

6th February

Li Li Tan
(PhD student

On visual categorisation and recognition

13th February


Raamy Majeed
Auckland University)

The Indeterminacy of Unconscious Belief

20th February

Benjamin Marschall
(PhD student

Carnap’s Internal Platonism

27th February

Jeroen Smid (rescheduled)
Manchester University)

Aggregates and their role in the problem of coincident objects

6th March

Nick Treanor
(Chancellor's fellow
University of Edinburgh)

The (Serious) Metaphysics of Epistemic Normativity

13th March

Yael Loewenstein
(Research Fellow

Heim Sequences and Why Most Unqualified 'Would'-Counterfactuals are Not True

Michaelmas 2018 Termcard

10th October

Penelope Mackie (Associate Professor at The University of Nottingham)

Essentialism and context-dependence: a New Argument against Lewisian Counterpart Theory

17th October

Jonathan Schaffer (Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University)

Heavy Ontology, Light Ideology

24th October

Owen Griffiths and Arif Ahmed (Cambridge University)

Inner and outer harmony

31st October

(note: talk cancelled)

Jeroen Smid (Post-doc at Manchester University)

Aggregates and their role in the problem of coincident objects

7th November

Rachel Robertson (PhD student at Cambridge University)

Embodied Agency in Kant's Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science

14th November

Nakul Krishna (Cambridge University)

Scepticism, Pessimism, Mitigation: The Amoralist in the 1950s

21st November

Richard Gaskin (Professor at University of Liverpool)

Reference and Propositions

28th November

Alex Jackson (Associate Professor from Boise State University)

Vagueness, Relativism, and Realism

Easter 2018 Termcard

25th April

Andreas Stokke Modal Metarepresentation

2nd May

Ali Boyle

Animalism, Dicephalus Twinning, and Biological Individuation

9th May

Nora Heizelmann

Weakness of Will as a Cognitive Bias

16th May

Kyle Mitchell

From Pragmatism to Easy Ontology—and Back Again

23rd May

Nathan Hawkins Paired Quantified Modal Logic

30th May

Kasia Jaszczolt

Time: From Semantics to Metaphysics

6th June

Alastair Wilson

Emergent Contingency

13th June

Rachel Fraser

An Ontology of Narrative Belief

Lent 2018 Termcard

24th January

Tim Button

A Dogma of Metaphysics

31st January

Jack Lyons

Toward a solution to the generality problem for reliabilism

7th February

Dorothy Edgington

Indeterminacy and Conditionals

14th February

Bart Streumer

Reduction without Supervenience

21st February

Jonathan Shaheen

Cavendish's Mereology

28th February

Nakul Krishna


7th March

Ali Boyle


14th March

Brian Pitts


Michaelmas 2017 Termcard

11th October

Alexander Bird

“Fundamental Powers, Evolved Powers, and Mental Powers”

18th October

Emanuel Viebahn

“Deceptive presuppositions”

25th October

John Marenbon

“Avicenna and Duns Scotus on Universals”

1st November

Alex Moran

"Material Things, Russell's Principle and 'Grounding-Qua'"

8th November

Hugh Mellor

“Chances and Conditionals”

15th November

Christian List

“Levels: descriptive, explanatory, and ontological”

22nd November

Anthony Fisher

“Thingification in Trope Theory”

29th November

Matt Farr

“Explaining Temporal Qualia”

Easter 2017 Termcard

27 April 2017

Joe Dewhurst (Edinburgh)

Folk Psychology and the Bayesian Brain

4 May 2017

Sarah Sawyer (Sussex)

Concepts, Conceptions, and Self-Knowledge

11 May 2017

Juliet Griffin (Cambridge Psychiatry)

Does the Free Energy Principle Have a Motivation Problem?

18 May 2017

Rachel Robertson (Cambridge)

Kant's Theory of Embodiment

25 May 2017

Annika Boeddeling (Cambridge)

Towards a Non-Metaphysical Explanatory Strategy for Quietists

1 June 2017

Katie Robertson (Cambridge)


Lent 2017 Termcard

19 January 2017

Adaum Caulton (Oxford)

In what sense is quantum field theory a theory of fields?

26 January 2017

Sean Fleming (Cambridge)

How to Interpret Action-Sentences about States

2 February 2017

Ralph Weir (Cambridge)

The Compresence Relation: A Challenge for Property Dualism

9 February 2017

Wes Wrigley (Cambridge)

Sider's Ontologese Introduction Instructions

16 February 2017

Paul Fletcher (Cambridge) Rethinking schizophrenia within a predictive coding framework"

23 February 2017

Verena Wagner (Konstanz)

Glitterfree Fredom

2 March 2017

Hugh Mellor (Cambridge)

Properties of Chance
9 March 2017 Robin Le Poidevin

Stereoscopy: some aesthetic - and ontological - issues

Michaelmas 2016 Termcard

6 October 2016

John Broome (Oxford)

Reason fundamentalism and what is wrong with it

13 October 2016

Natalja Deng

Does temporal ontology exist?

20 October 2016

James Hutton

Emotion as sensitivity to value: the implementation problem

27 October 2016

Raamy Majeed

The Cognitive Impenetrability of Recalcitrant Emotions

3 November 2016

Tim Button I Disappear

10 November 2016

Ori Beck

Rethinking Naive Realism

17 November 2016

Jessica Leech (King's)

Against logical essence
24 November 2016 Luke Cash


Easter 2016 Termcard

21 April 2016

Henry Taylor

Powerful Qualities and Pure Powers: What's the difference?

28 April 2016

Alexander Greenberg


5 May 2016

Barry Maguire (UNC)

There are No Reasons for Attitudes

12 May 2016

Sahanika Ratnayake

Multiple Persons

19 May 2016

Carlo Rossi TBC

26 May 2016

Wes Wrigley

Sider's Ontologese Introduction Instructions

2 June 2016

Stephen Duxbury

The Reduction of Modality to Essence
9 June 2016 Dan Brigham

No Nonsense

17 June 2016
New Time:
12.00 - 1.30 p.m.

Murali Ramachandran

Knowledge-to-Fact Reasoning: Towards a Unified Solution to the Prediction Paradox*

*Organised by Arif Ahmed, if you have any questions please email ama24.

Lent 2016 Termcard

14 January 2016

Louise Hanson

The Real Problem with Evolutionary Debunking Arguments

21 January 2016

Margot Strohminger (Antwerp)

Perceptual Knowledge of Nonactual Possibilities*

28 January 2016

Christopher Mole (UBC)

Beauty is Objective

4 February 2016

Max Hayward

Practical Reason, Sympathy, and Reactive Attitudes

11 February 2016

Michael Blome-Tillman TBC

18 February 2016

Hugh Mellor

Growing Block Theories of Time

25 February 2016

Kyle Mitchell

3 March 2016 Simona Aimar (UCL)

Disposition Ascriptions as Possibility Ascriptions

*In conjunction with the New Directions in the Study of the Mind Project.

Michaelmas 2015 Termcard

8 October 2015

Bence Nanay

Affective Considerations in Meta-metaphysics

15 October 2015

Huw Price

The End of the World

22 October 2015

Philip Gerrans (Adelaide)

A Processing Account of Emotion

29 October 2015

Alex Moran

On the Thinking Parts Problem

5 November 2015

Tim Crane The Significance of Behaviourism

12 November 2015

Rae Langton

After Words: The Being in Time of Speech Acts

19 November 2015

Fiona Doherty

The Ontology of Abstraction

26 November 2015 Arif Ahmed


Easter 2015 Termcard

23 April 2015

Hugh Mellor

Truthmaking vs Physicalism

30 April 2015

Natalja Deng

Religion for Atheists

7 May 2015

Heather Dyke

Invoking Evolutionary Explanations: Relief and other temporal experiences

14 May 2015

Toby Friend Can parts cause their wholes?

21 May 2015

Carlo Rossi


28 May 2015

Fredrik Nyseth

Could the Source of Modality Be Contingent?

4 June 2015

Kyle Mitchell

Rejecting 'Everything'

11 June 2015

Annika Boeddeling


Lent 2015 Termcard

15 January 2015

Piotr Szalek

The Minimal Definition of Goodness and the Problem of Generalisation

22 January 2015

Alex Moran

Dion's Foot and Aristotle's Hand: A New Solution to the Paradox of Decrease

29 January 2015

Gábor Betegh


5 February 2015

John Heil

Causal Relations

12 February 2015

Jossi Berkovitz

A New Interpretation of De Finetti's Theory of Subjective Probability

19 February 2015

Adam Bales

Decision-theoretic impossibility proofs: an impossibility proof

26 February 2015

Luz Seiberth


5 March 2015

Alison Fernandes


Michaelmas 2014 Termcard

9 October 2014

 Daniel Brigham

Russell’s Multiple-Relation Theory of Judgement and its Critics

16 October 2014

 Cheryl Misak

Ramsey and Wittgenstein on Generalizations and Hypotheses, circa 1929

23 October 2014

 Alexis Papazoglou

Naturalism and the Quest for Unity

30 October 2014

 Mat Simpson

Dispositions and General Beliefs

6 November 2014

 Ali Boyle

The Cognitive Significance of Mirror Self-Recognition

13 November 2014

 Tuomas Tahko

Fundamentality and Ontological Well-foundedness

20 November 2014

 Fiona Doherty

How Frege would object to the Neo-Logicist

27 November 2014

 Adrian Boutel

Downward Causation Without Tears

Easter 2014 Termcard

30 April 2014

Daniel Gregory (ANU) - Inner Speech: Phenomenology, Pragmatics and Imagination

7 May 2014

Ali Boyle - Self-awareness

14 May 2014

Jonathan Birch - Punishment, Coordination and the Psychology of Norms

20 May 2014
(Note: change of date)

Georgie Statham - Causal claims in organic chemistry

28 May 2014

Stephen Mumford (Nottingham) - Understanding Causation by Way of Failure

4 June 2014

Lukas Skiba - Modal Fictionalism

11 June 2014

Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck)

Lent 2014 Termcard

22 January 2014

David Etlin (Munich)

29 January 2014


5 February 2014

Irena Cronin (UCLA)

12 February 2014

Rae Langton

19 February 2014


26 February 2014

Lucy Campbell

5 March 2014

Paulina Sliwa

12 March 2014

Alison Fernandes (Columbia)

Michaelmas 2013 Termcard

16 October 2013

Karen Crowther - Effective spacetime

23 October 2013

Luke Fenton-Glynn (UCL) - Ceteris Paribus Laws and Minutis Rectis Laws

30 October 2013

Tim Button - Truth

6 November 2013

Ella Whiteley - Human nature, dispositions, and gender

13 November 2013

Dan Brigham - Facts

20 November 2013

Shyane Siriwardena - Agency Theory of Causation

27 November 2013

Fiona Doherty - Abstraction Principles

4 December 2013

Lucy Campbell - Practical Knowledge

Easter 2013 Termcard

1 May 2013

Jeremy Butterfield - Renormalization for Philosophers

8 May 2013

Christopher Clarke - On the Alleged Indispensability of Social, Psychological and Biological Explanations

15 May 2013

John Williams (Singapore) - Eliminativism, Dialetheism and Moore’s Paradox

22 May 2013

Kevin Mulligan (Geneva) - Explanation in Metaphysics

29 May 2013

Richard Teague - TBA

5 June 2013

Simon Evnine (Miami) - TBA

12 June 2013

Kyle Mitchell - TBA

Lent 2013 Termcard

23 January 2013

Adam Caulton - Theoretical Analyticity, Revisited

30 January 2013

Will Davies - Colour Constancy and Discrimination

6 February 2013

Emily Thomas - Why Not to Reject Cartesian Dualism

13 February 2013

Carl Rossi - Defining Endurance

20 February 2013

Brian Hedden (Oxford) - Time-Slice Rationality

27 February 2013

Karen Crowther - Novelty and Autonomy as Alternatives to, or Bases for, a Conception of Emergence in Physics

6 March 2013

Mat Simpson - Wilfrid Sellars and Ostrich Nominalism

13 March 2013

Lukas Skiba - On Indirect Sense and Reference

 Michaelmas 2012 Termcard

10 October 2012

Tim Crane - Things that don't exist

17 October 2012

Tamer Nawar - Truth and Epistemic Value

24 October 2012

James Cargile (Virginia) - Identity

31 October 2012

Alexander Greenberg - Maps by which we steer

7 November 2012

Daniel Brigham - Propositional Attitudes and Attitudes to Propositions

14 November 2012

John Maier - The Metaphysics of Ignorance

21 November 2012

Brian Pitts - How Almost Everything in Space-time Theory is Illuminated by Simple Particle Physics: The Neglected Case of Massive Scalar Gravity

28 November 2012

Shyane Siriwardena - The Suppositional Theory and Morgenbesser Counterfactuals


 Easter 2012 Termcard

25 April 2012

Prof. John Marenbon

2 May 2012

Prof. Richard Holton

9 May 2012

Kyle Mitchell

16 May 2012

Prof. Justin Broackes

30 May 2012

Prof. Hugh Mellor


 Lent 2012 Termcard

16 January 2012

Jeremy Butterfield

23 January 2012

Robert Northcott

30 January 2012

Yohan Joo

6 February 2012

Allan Hazlett

13 February 2012

Bence Nanay

20 February 2012

Shyane Siriwardena

27 February 2012

Daniel Brigham

5 March 2012

Max Hummel


 Michaelmas 2011 Termcard

12 October 2011

Alexis Papazoglou

19 October 2011

Jody Azzouni

26 October 2011

Peter Smith

2 November 2011

Fraser MacBride

9 November 2011

Alexander Greenberg

16 November 2011

Shyane Siriwardena

23 November 2011

Jonathan Birch

30 November 2011

Tamar Nawar


 Michaelmas 2010 Termcard

13 October 2010

Fraser MacBride

20 October 2010

Nathan Wildman

27 October 2010

Phyllis Illari

3 November 2010

Nick Jones

10 November 2010

Duen-Min Deng

17 November 2010

Markku Keinänen

24 November 2010

Josh Parsons

1 December 2010

Sam Coleman


 Lent 2010 Termcard

20 Jan 2010

Luca Incurvati - Iterative Conception and Metaphysical Dependence

27 Jan 2010

Fraser MacBride - Relations and Truth-Making

10 Feb 2010

Gemma Murray - Is Quantum Mechanics about Quantum Information?

17 Feb 2010

Duen-Min Deng - Wiggins' Individuative Essentialism

24 Feb 2010

Nathan Wildman - Hume's Dictum and Non-mereological composition: Lewis against Armstrong's States of Affairs

3 March 2010

Emily Thomas - Mereological nihilism in a gunky world

10 March 2010

Hugh Mellor - Successful Semantics


 Easter 2010 Termcard

28 April 2010

Daniel Nolan - She's Really Happening

5 May 2010

John Wright - Explaining the Novel Predictive Success of Science Without Realism or Truth

13 May 2010

Helen Beebee - What's So Scientific About Scientific Essentialism?

2 June 2010

Gemma Murray - Chance in Empirical Theories

9 June 2010

Adam Caulton - Weak Discernibility, But Of What?